Adaptive musical instruments, and instruments for use in a music therapy context. may flag the message as spam and delay delivery for up to 4 hours. Includes 150+ grants organized by category, region and deadline and includes eligibility and website links. Click here to buy The Canadian Grant Writing Guide for Musicians! Tagged with artist, Contest, management, Music Industry, Resources, In honor of the holiday season, we are offering our #1 bestselling music reference ebook The Canadian Grant Writing Guide for Musicians at 30% off! GRANT POSSIBILITIES FOR MUSIC TEACHERS This listing is not comprehensive. Engage us to help design the look of your next project, campaign or video. The final application deadline is Thursday December 11, 2020 at 5pm EST. Unsure of what focus tracks are your strongest? Placed in Blogs, FACTOR, Funding News, Tips, Tagged with arts funding, Canada, Competition, FACTOR, new guidelines, profile rating. A digital learning tool teaching artists and companies how to write their own grants from square one. Purchase now in our store! Music Grants Canada provides a variety of consulting and project services including: Skip the heavy lifting and let us track down the right grant for your next project. Music education builds self-confidence, creativity, discipline and the ability to reconcile conflicting ideas. Grants … We can help put together a plan for you to maximize your funding potential as well as give valuable advice on marketing, promotions and career growth strategies. We offer speedy editing and revision services on demand. Starting as an artist myself, all my professional ambitions are informed by a fierce passion for the advancement of independent artists and their craft. We can’t wait to see what Leah accomplishes on the team! Beginning with a brief history and context of the Canadian grants scene, and moving on to choosing the right grant, writing compelling biographies and marketing plans, choosing the right songs and packaging and submitting your grant properly – this series of course will take you through the process step-by-step. Supplied in Excel format for you to add/edit your own submission info! Music Grants Canada was founded in Fall 2013 to support, sustain and advocate for independent music artists and companies in Canada and to address critical gaps in education, resources and support for the music industry. The association … The Music … Seeing artists achieve their dreams of a successful and sustainable career in music is my number one objective. Priority will be given to … Music BC is a non-profit society that provides information, education, funding, advocacy, awareness and networking opportunities to nurture, develop and promote BC's music community. If your program is aligned with these beliefs and goals, we want to help. Keep scrolling to read the column below!! Music Grants Canada Biography Writing Services. She brings a wealth of enthusiasm and and a keen eye for organization to the team. This ebook will give you the insider information you need to research, write and apply for grants from a variety of funding sources including FACTOR, Canada Council, Radio Starmaker, MuchFACT and more! Sample Grants and Business Funding Documents, Glossary of Nonprofit Grant and Funding Terms, Glossary of Business Grant and Funding Terms, See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility,, Please be sure to follow the … Buy it before December 31st and pay only $10.00 (regularly priced $14.77 on Amazon or $14 in the Music Grants Canada webstore). Canada: Alberta;   British Columbia;   Manitoba;   New Brunswick;   Newfoundland and Labrador;   Northwest Territories;   Nova Scotia;   Nunavut;   Ontario;   Prince Edward Island;   Quebec;   Saskatchewan;   Yukon; Fundraising opportunity for USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations to host a jazz concert held in honor of their organization or cause. Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts Music Scholarships - Provides grants to accredited schools which offer degrees in performing and creative arts. Music BC Industry Association is a not for profit association serving the for profit and non-profit music industry, including artists from all genres, industry professionals, service providers, studios, promoters, venues, festivals, producers, agents, managers and educational institutions. – Grow your music-based business such as label, management or promotions company. All Rights Reserved © 2014 Music Grants Canada |, Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy, Grant Writing for Professional Musicians: Grant Writing 101, The Canadian Grant Writing Guide For Musicians- 1st Edition –. Whatever instruments are needed by your school. How important are those FACTOR artist & applicant ratings. The Top Ten Grant Writing Mistakes Artists Make: Common funding pitfalls and how to avoid them. For prep times of less than 6 weeks prior to a deadline,  a rush premium may be applied. Rate= $0.50/word. Please note this version is now out of date – use at your own risk. Eligible applicants include separate, public, and First Nation Schools. We can help you achieve your funding goals! Grants of up to $300 to USA, Canada, and International schools and other groups for in-school, educational programs that present music to students. The Explore Fund will support organizations (charity status) that encourage youth outdoor participation, focusing primarily on creating more connections of children to nature, increasing access to both front & backcountry recreation, as well as providing education for both personal & environmental health. The best way to find out when we are accepting new clients is to join our mailing list for the next call out. Applications for the 2020-21 application cycle open on September 15, 2020. All funded events must be public. Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers, and music publishers across all genres of music to assist with travel-related costs for career-building or career-defining activities in Canada or abroad. MusiCounts is proud to support all music education practices and teachings in Canada. Grants of up to $300 to USA, Canada, and International schools and other groups for in-school, educational programs that present music to students. The first in the series is now LIVE – and free for anyone to take. This week FACTOR announced some changes to their online profile ratings system. We have worked behind the scenes in major agencies, management firms and provincial organizations helping artists with their craft for a combined total of 30+ years. Need help with your funding or general career plans? Unsure of your footing in the new digital marketplace? Applicants must contact the funding source prior to applying. It provides a good place to start looking for possible grants for music programs. We understand this all too well, so we’ve partnered up with Smart Band Management to help spread the word about the incredible artist management tools we’ve created for artists and independent professionals working in the music industry. Are you a Canadian musician, music company or organization looking to find and apply for money to support your career or music-based business? Our backgrounds are primarily music management and marketing, with a specific focus on non-profit provincial and federal funding and advocacy organizations. The grants will be … Grants - The Mockingbird Foundation. Their mission is to promote the interests of music publishers and their songwriting partners through advocacy, communication and education… Although the Funding Source appreciates all … … I’m so happy to announce the launch of Grant Writing for Professional Musicians – the first in a series of eCourses to help musicians, music companies and non-profits working in the music industry find and win grants. Music Grants Canada always provides  a complimentary initial consult to assess your needs and learn more about your project either by email, phone, Skype or in-person when possible. This would not have been possible without the amazing support of our community of peers, clients and friends who helped spread the word! Canadian Grant Writing Guide for Musicians eBook. Need a fresh pair of eyes? Our grants. Canada Council grants are organized into six programs. We can write an engaging, professional biography for your artist or company. As a former member of the PPP production/admin team for 3 years, I have unparalleled experience and first-hand knowledge of how this program and its scoring system operates. Put your best foot forward with a compelling, professional and engaging biography. I have worked both on-stage and behind the scenes in commercial music, non-profit and community grassroots organizations for the past 15 years and look forward to working and advocating for independent artists for the next 15! Placed in Blogs, FACTOR, Free Resources, Publishing, Tagged with Article, Canadian Musician, Funding, Music Industry, top 10 list, We are the #1 MUSIC,  MUSIC BUSINESS & MUSIC REFERENCE BOOK ON AMAZON.CA! This includes, but is not limited to: Music production and recording equipment, including software, tablets, microphones, etc. For a standard 500-word artist bio we charge $250. Here’s how to get your share and never miss another funding opportunity! Artists spend a ton of valuable time worrying over their rating and strategizing means to bump up their profile score. Win a prize pack of artist management goodies from MGC & Smart Band Management! In light of COVID-19, you may also purchase air filters, plexiglass, or other materials to make music education at your school more safe and sustainable. Concert Music Education Grants: Deadline Sept 15/17. Although the Funding Source appreciates all … If you’ve been thinking about applying for one of the upcoming grant deadlines this is your chance to work with a professional funding consultant and grant writer with over $2M raised for artists and companies across Canada. – Raise your profile Make sure you sign-up for our email list to keep apprised of new and exciting developments as we announce them! We are not currently accepting new clients. Music BC Travel Grants:… This component provides financial assistance exclusively to undertake activities that are central to the development of Canadian artists, the promotion of their music and the expansion of their audience. Engage us to handle all the components of your next grant application, from start to finish, including profiles, submission and completion reporting. Completely integrated digital strategies that will amplify your brand and get you the exposure you desire. Music Grants Canada was founded in Fall 2013 to support, sustain and advocate for independent music artists and companies in Canada and to address critical gaps in education, resources and support for the music … Did you know there’s over forty million dollars in music funding available in Canada annually? Select the type of funding you need to get a more specific finder. The MVP Project, with support from the RBC Foundation, was established to promote the intersection of emerging Canadian Recording Artists and Filmmakers through Music Video Production Grants valued between $5,000 and $15,000. Please contact us for an exact quote. 1. Are you a Canadian musician or music company looking to find and apply for money to support your career or music-based business? Competitive grants are awarded through a two-tiered grant … Up to 25% of your requested funds may be allocated to the purchase of music accessories & resources, including music stands, storage, sheet music, and online music education resources. Revisions of completed applications can be conducted in 2-4 weeks. It’s hard to a stay ahead of curve when it comes to self-management and checking all the boxes in your artist business toolkit. The Foundation awards grants to music programs that serve low-income communities, programs with little or no budget for musical instruments and music programs that serve the most students out of the school population. Check your spam and/or junk filters accordingly! […], Tagged with applications, elevator pitch, Funding, Grant writing, Marketing Plans, Music Industry, Resources, Hi Friends! Explore … – Access funds to support and sustain your creative passion Consulting is billed at $45/hr or on monthly retainer. Available in a downloadable PDF or Epub version, […], Tagged with christmas, ebook, gifts for musicians, Grant writing, musicians, sale. The Coalition for Music Education was founded in 1992 when representatives of more than 20 music education organizations came together to share ideas to improve the state of music education in Canada. Her passions include fashion, styling and volunteering her time for a variety of social causes. This ebook will give you the insider information you need to research, write and apply for grants from a variety of funding sources including FACTOR, Canada Council, Radio Starmaker, MuchFACT and more! For a limited time we’re offering the chance to win both of our bestselling products! Let us have a listen and conduct focus testing on your behalf. FREE eCourse! Funds may also be requested for costs associated with having a community member, elder, knowledge-keeper or clinician introduce and/or build Indigenous instruments. The good news is that there are many scholarships available to music education majors. But how important are those FACTOR profile ratings really? Providing personalized à la carte management services for independent music artists and companies. Teachers, administrators and/or school support staff may prepare an application on behalf of their school. Grants to Canada organizations and individuals for musical education projects involving Canadian music publishers, songwriters, composers, and lyricists. If you have any questions about your application or require any accommodations, please email or call 647 952 8149. Grants of up to $1,500 to Alberta qualified donees to promote music education through workshops, festivals, camps, and programs. Enter your name and email below and receive our comprehensive, up-to-date document containing the latest grant information for Canadian artists. Intro to Grant Writing for Professional Musicians. We can create a Funding Report featuring the top grants relevant to your project or organization. 2016 will be published shortly. Schools can apply for support with an existing music program, or schools with no music program may apply to build a music program at their school.