Throughout the Monster Association Headquarters, these bolts of lightning strike several heroes, such as Atomi… No, it's not what you're thinking. Im pretty sure Saitama will just wander around in the sewers until he needs to show up. Tier: At least 6-A Name: Orochi, Yamata no Orochi… Fanfiction? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The force of the dragons combining their energy beams creates a huge blast, as well as creating several lightning bolts. Even better than S2 fight scene. Second, Gyoro already thinks that Orochi could be surpassed by Garou, but to become obsessed with raising him up, that would be so out of character for her. Orochi was barely 5x human size in the flashback but clearly a monster. Saitama vs Jiren. Gyoro's process causes explosive growth from near death experiences. Gyoro has had enough experience measuring growth and power to know Saitama, if he knew Orochi had regen and stayed to make sure he was dead, Orochi couldn't survive. -1. the soundtrack of orochis entry could have been some chorus "ooh aah" version instead of punk rock. Hey mano, great work as always!could you please share the name of the soundtrack with us? Just "saitama leaves, and then comes back later" by itself is an absolute waste of time. Orochi's dragons on his right hand fire several beams of energy. Obviously 90%+ of the theories ever made about OPM didn't pan out. This is a theory Id expect from someone who hasnt read the WC. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. Saitama totally abandoned everyone to an epic battle that nearly killed them all because he thought he'd finished off the MA already. Never breaking a sweat, the name One Punch Man is fitting for the effortless wins Saitama has achieved through the series. Also, the whole Gyoro Gyoro talking to Garou about defying death to evolve... it was before the monster transformation of Orochi : when a human becomes a monster, then that's it, his power level is fixed. Onepunch-Man Chapter 108: Orochi Vs Saitama summary. (D) It will tie in better with the battle than having Saitama just wander around the whole arc (c'mon, we ALL know Saitama isn't going to just offscreen the MA as a joke). Um... yep. OPM Chapter 127 Garou's Devil Trigger Get Notified on Discord at CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! 1. Obviously Garou has more potential/faster growth, not hard to figure out. Gyoro < Rover < Saitama. The copy ability is just a bonus. Therefore, Blast cannot be Saitama. Saitama walks away from the base and heads back home (King's route is in a different location, so he doesn't meet his group). Maybe it's just a troll theory and we overreacted. Saitama just assumes it's leftover damage to the caves from the fight, and walks out. Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! Orochi (a lesser being that AG and Boros) is now Cell and can regen from a pulp and have some zenkai boost after death. CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! VS - This is Madara when he was fighting Hashirama at the VotE and Orochi when he was fighting Saitama. Um... because he's the current ultimate monster? And why the fuck am i cheering for Lord Orochi. Kelanjutany • Saitama VS God Part 4 Full Sub Indo Saitama VS God Part 7 uaclips. CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! He attempts to properly introduce himself but Saitama cuts him off before he could finish. (C) Orochi gets buffed even more, meaning it's Saitama's fault if the Monster King proves overwhelming to the S-Class. It's not like he's Doomsday, and he wouldn't get anything from copying Saitama's casual attacks because they are absolutely ordinary, there's nothing behind them aside from his immense power. Doesn't make them fanfiction, just means the theories were wrong. Know the difference. OPM Chapter 133 Glorious Being Get Notified on Discord at Music... CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! Cookies help us deliver our Services. His size increased 400% at least. OPM Chapter 134 Twist Get Notified on Discord at Music: - Incur..., One Punch Man (Fanmade) GOD Final Battle Part 4, One Punch Man (Fanmade) GOD Final Battle Part 1, One Punch Man (Fanmade) GOD Final Battle Part 2. What's their motivation for going back home with Gyoro Gyoro still alive? The world is full of mysterious beings, villains and monsters that cause … If you want to read free manga, come visit us at anytime. We know he's not end boss so why overhype him? 2 Is Orochi The One? Сайтама против Бога. What the fucking, OMG this is a true Master piece. I'm used to be a fans of durzo blint and soulmadness (motion manga creator before me) like you guys but somehow they stopped working on the videos anymore, that's why i started created these videos on my own to continue what they've left behind. Amazing man.You've gotten better than durzo and soulmadness.I loved them both though.Anybody know where i can find their old work? How does it contradict the webcomic? I just meant enough damage to knock him out (say beheading him, or punching a hole in his chest) and for Saitama to think he'd killed him. Heck, even Metal Knight and King weren't accounted for. OPM Chapter 108 Saitama vs Orochi. No matter the clever planning or determination, Blast was NOT prepared for. Outside he mistook them for earthquakes, but as soon as the Dragon class monsters/heroes start battling all at once he'll know something is up, and punch his way straight to the battle. Check the sidebar for information! Even better than S2 fight scene. - Victory via death, KO or incap of opponent. spoiler. Kita sudah melihat saat dijelaskan oleh Gyoro Gyoro, bahwa Tuan Orochi sebenarnya adalah manusia yang sudah tidak ingin hidup menjadi manusia lagi, ia ditawarkan untuk kekekalan dan tahta tertinggi menjadi Raja Monster, saat itulah ia berubah menjadi Tuan Orochi.. Gyoro-san menyarankan Garou untuk memiliki kekuatan seperti tuan orochi, tetapi Garou menolak karena … I don't know why people are so obsessed with Orochi. Pembahasan Manga One Punch Man 108 Saitama Versus Orochi Aku komik 144855 views. - Battle takes place at Valley of the End. Boros is the only one who could force Saitama to say this; (except for Prime Garou). Walk away, his job here is done. Reply Delete What the fucking, OMG this is a true Master piece. Saitama's powers do not disappoint and Saitama demolishes Orochi, … Yeah, cant say im a fan of this idea. you are wrong about the monsters, saitama didn't kill the aliens after he one shot geryu going, instead, directly searching for the "final boss" as saitama said himself. Do you even know the difference between a theory and fanfiction? WoG states that Garou can hold his own against Boros only due to skill (so he’s still not even as powerful as him) so it goes Boros ~ final Monster Garou >>>>> initial Monster Garou >>>>> Orochi ~ Golden Sperm Boros … Boros vs Psychos-Orochi + Golden Sperm + Tatsumaki Thread starter xmysticgohanx; Start ... A punch from Saitama couldn't kill him and I don't think anyone on the team could replicate an attack as strong as Serious Punch to bypass his regeneration. (C) Orochi gets buffed even more, meaning it's Saitama's fault if the Monster King proves overwhelming to the S-Class. (B) Saitama remains absent from the fight so he doesn't solo the MA. CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! Or else, why needing Garou in the first place ?? I just can't imagine him being in the MA HQ the whole time during the battle and not noticing anything. would have given it more dramatic tone.2. I'm planning to keep on making motion manga videos especially my favourite series like One Punch Man until the end of series in here since the videos always being terminated by shueisha on my youtube channel. The original mangaka One said Boros vs. Prime Garou would be a close fight. Saitama stared up at the hulking, dog-like monster as it bared its teeth. Orochi has had, what, years to grow? 3. more destruction sound effects.but whaterver you did was plain awesome . Because Orochi's growth speed is limited, and Saitama effortlessly oneshot him. I know ONE said that Orochi could survive a casual punch from Saitama (said punches having various level of strenght anyway), but that's a bit far fetched. Boros was able to keep up with a casual Saitama and Orochi managed to use one of his dragon tentacles to snap itself on Saitama before he could jump at him and punch him. Complete nonsense, and would be terrible writing. Murata's already revealed Orochi will give the S-Class some trouble, the Dragons/S-Class have the exact same role they did in the webcomic, and the endgame of the saga remains the same. A single normal punch finished Orochi. In that case, why make him stronger in the first place ? In case you don't know, … Onepunchman saitama orochi saitama vs rover dan bertemu orochi boss asosiasi monstersub indonesia animasi borman. Saitama could walk straight to the centre, right? Orochi and his dragons on his left hand strike with the newly-learned Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. As for the level of healing, doesn't need to be pulp (no need for Boros level regen), just have Saitama knock off his head or punch a hole in his chest, that's doable. CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH. Have the S-class take him down, fine but don't make him more than he is like he can't get oneshot or something. GROWLLLL. Just like when you forgot your keys in real life ? How can Gyoro Gyoro knows that the power of Saitama is stronger than New Boosted Cell Orochi ? "First a couple of naked deviants attack me, and now a giant pig?" Low fanfiction tier. Oct 14, 2020 #5 Boros, he's still scaled above everyone sans Saitama. This story takes place in the fictional Z-City. And why the fuck am i cheering for Lord Orochi. When was that stated? Orochi then decides to simply engage in battle with Saitama, launching a mass wave of attacks at him. It is seen that, for lack of a challenge, he is often depressed and gloomy. I would say Orochi hard stops at Thor. Orochi is a powerful god based on Japanese lore- he is the ruler of the snakes and leader of an army of demons. Natsu vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in a FB poll. He had several large spikes pointing upwards above his head, cracked skin, empty eyes, and multiple sets of pointy teeth inside his mouth. This is why he is called Onepunch man Manga. And Prime Garou >>>>> Orochi, that's not even debatable. This seems stupid as gyoro would know about the existance of a hero stronger than anybody they will be facing or they will face. Mar55 The Darkness Rises. We know Garou is the real threat. Orochi was a large and ominous-looking monster who was mostly humanoid. And why would be walk away ?????? His knees had the appearance of snake skulls and his clothing consisted of a large cape connected to a circular, veiny joint in the … Each and every enemy so far in the manga got so much less … One Punch Man Chapter 92 Garou vs Orochi Posted By: DarkZesperia - October 14, 2018 . Both can easily move at speeds that others can't keep up with as Boros with Saitama and Orochi's tentacles tried to … OPM Chapter 130 Tatsumaki Full Power Get Notified on Discord at CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW TO WATCH! Saitama is the One-Punch Man and his punches are literally so powerful that he hasn’t found an opponent worthy enough to fight back. We promise you that we will always bring you the latest, new and hot manga everyday. Tapi pada akhirnya, setelah pertarungan singkat yang efeknya sampai menghancurkan bawah tanah itu, Saitama mampu menghajar tubuh inti Orochi dan menghancurkannya. He folded his arms. Saitama can easily destroy the association in a single chapter. Reeeee what a chapter!! Orochi would just keep suiciding and bim zenkai boosts all day baby. And judging from his fight against Saitama, Orochi doesn't seem to have any form of regeneration. (A) Saitama is stupidly above Orochi, not even fun like Boros was. Also 'why?' If Saitama wanders into the Monster Association and fights Orochi, whats stopping him from going through the rest of the base and beating everyone else? … So then Saitama will just head back home and come back later on the same day ? - Both sides are compelled to defeat each other. SOCIALIZE IT → Tweet. His shoulders, wrists, and fingers had the appearance of monstrous snake heads with pointy teeth, with the latter ending in large claws. So the results: (A) Saitama is stupidly above Orochi, not even fun like Boros was. one didn't said it, it was a murata's guess and no, we saw how orochi was, just after becoming a monster, and his current form is not comparable to that of the beginning. However, Saitama manages to kill all of the dragons with his punches. And he is not the type of guy who simply walks away, especially because of all the monsters around. But after he beats Orochi, Gyroro reshapes the base and cuts off the rest of the MA from Saitama to protect it. Also why would he gain even greater strength? You had me crying with the puppy rover sound xD. OPM Chapter 129 Turning The Tide! Especially from an OP, everybody knows that. He'll run into some MA fodder before spoiler, Gyoro will hide to protect himself. You're reading Onepunch-Man . - Both sides are unaware of each other capabilities - Both sides are in character. The Saitama vs Orochi drama is also expected to get really physical and may just form the climax we have been waiting for. One Punch Man Chapter 108 Saitama Vs Orochi's Video From Grimm Reaper have lenght about 24:36 and was viewed more than 3950 and is still growing. As the S-Class heroes continue sweeping up the remaining monsters, Saitama … Maybe obsessed was too strong a word. He's not that stupid. Orochi regens back to full, no, even greater strength, Gyoro is flipping out because some unknown hero just obliterated Orochi effortlessly. that's why i' made OPM videos on my website and to my patreon so you can still see my work through here because youtube and dailymotion is very unreliable. So... nice bait (maybe). With Boros' ship it was fine because it was a quick event, and he was running into aliens most of the time. Author: One Murata Yuusuke already has 72,387,769 views. He obliterated a fan for being annoyingly cold, imagine what he would do to noisy monsters. Saitama wouldn't need to hear any monsters, the base is pretty large, only fights that cause quaking (none of which had started yet) could be heard, there'd be no more monsters going back the way he came. Saitama won't kill Orochi, that would be dumb. Hello there! "Is your master in this … Lord Orochi vs Lord Boros Thread starter Gibbs; Start ... Garou gradually grows stronger throughout his fight with Saitama up until the very end. Even if they try to go away, he wouldn't spare the life of monsters, especially if they are making rumbling noises that won't let him sleep. Since Saitama already defeated Orochi, the hero's confrontation with Flashy Flash ends up being more humorous than serious. One Punch Man Ep 2x1 - "Return of the Hero" - Reaction/Review PLEASE SUPPORT THE … And after that? FromSigma957 said: Psykos Orochi … Why would it be dumb for Saitama to one shot Orochi again? Orochi then begins to morph his appearance once more after developing a thrill of excitement to battle Saitama. Really, the only actual point that is plausible is B because of it being so obvious. Orochi eventually encounters Saitama and he's fascinated by the strength that he possesses and considers him to be one of the few people that might actually be a suitable challenge for him. After seeing so much hype around a new monster and seeing it defeated with just a single regular punch, it is quite surprising. He can't just be wandering around, as soon as the first Dragon starts fighting, he'll know there's a battle on and can just punch his way through walls till he gets there. Third, Saitama would find a bunch of monsters and eventually realise there are many more like some kind of army. Hmm, I like it already. No, there is growth also post monsterfication. Basically A - C - D and your premise are quite bland and borderline stupid. None of Orochi's attacks or beams would hit Thor & a couple swings of Thor's 2km Arc Fusion Blades should put Orochi down. MUSIC LIST : (from the beginning)-GKpeople - Thunderbolt Fantasy (320 kbps) -Magi OST 2 - 01 - A Storm is Coming to Us All - Shiro Sagisu -Les Betes -22._Oretachi_No_Kataki_Wa_ … However, there are very few people who know Saitama's true strength, and Flashy Flash now has some inkling that there might be more to the bald hero than meets the eye. 200/100 edit :). And maybe it takes a while for him to recover. he grumbled. Theory: a speculation about what might happen. Boros one-shots Orochi, Golden Sperm and … Maybe. Orochi vs Saitama. Even if the first monster he saw was Orochi himself (not possible, he's like at the lowest tier of the base), do you really think he would say "Nah I'm good, I will not check this huge base probably filled with monsters". Brr, sounds bad : anti climactic, waste of build up and time. Press J to jump to the feed. With the MA, if he can't find anyone but he hears fights going on, it doesn't make sense for him to NOT punch through walls and think "ah well, can't find the right passageway". If he could use Serious Punch he'd obliterate all 500 monsters and counting in a page. Begging for a challenge, he remade the world of China and Japan in his own image and began seeking out an opponent who could potentially kill him.