13 / 50. Idaho’s richest man, Frank VanderSloot, and his wife, Belinda, announced on Tuesday they would double their original donation of $500,000 to defend eastern Idahoans from a … The founder of Melaleuca, which calls itself the “largest online shopping club,” VanderSloot was a national finance co-chair for both of Republican Mitt Romney's presidential bids. Frank L. VanderSloot is an American entrepreneur, rancher, radio network owner and a political campaign financier. Frank VanderSloot founded and runs Melaleuca, which makes more than 400 products ranging from health supplements to eco-friendly household cleaners. Earlier, today, I posted an article in response to questions about whether I consider Frank VanderSloot's 'Melaleuca Inc.' to be a cult. He represents the worst of American politics and incivility. Frank VanderSloot may have evolved along with America. The other sizable investment VanderSloot has made with his Melaleuca spoils: politics. AKA Frank L. VanderSloot. VanderSloot said one of the biggest challenges faced by patients is the confusing nature of health care billing. He is a major donor to Republicans. Paul Elledge // Wikimedia Commons . People similar to or like Frank L. VanderSloot. That is why he has donated more than $2 million to Republican candidates this year, according to opensecrets.org, which estimates total US election spending this cycle at a stunning $11 billion. Politics Frank VanderSloot: ‘I’m not the only’ major Mitt Romney donor audited. We respect that. It is in the shadows, in my opinion, that Graf reveals himself as something far darker. She addresses concerns those methods may have for the nation due to Vandersloot's close ties to the Mitt Romney campaign. Roger Plothow and Frank VanderSloot's arguments have often been public and carried out in the Post-Register itself. American travel writer and political consultant. Born: 14-Aug-1948 Birthplace: Billings, MT. But it doesn’t erase the past. VanderSloot is a major donor to the Republican Party and known to be a conservative, but he believes Sherri Ybarra, the incumbent state school superintendent who is … Topic. Frank VanderSloot isn't just rich; he's experienced in the political sector, too. VanderSloot was personally audited by the IRS, as was his business. Gender: Male Religion: Mormon Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupa. VanderSloot, who is 72 and controls a fortune of $3.5 billion according to Forbes, is less than optimistic about Tuesday's election. Frank has often disagreed with the Post-Register's reporting on politics, business, and the Idaho Falls community. Romney has long-standing ties to the company’s CEO, Frank VanderSloot, who’s a fellow Mormon and Brigham Young University graduate. Frank L. VanderSloot is similar to these people: Stuart Stevens, Beth Myers, Tagg Romney and more. The unflappable Rachel Maddow doubles down on her exposure of Frank Vandersloot, his conservative politics, his hostility to homosexual causes, and his litigious confrontational methods utilized in Idaho. And the truth about Frank VanderSloot. Wikipedia. Almost immediately, representatives of the individual who posed these questions have politely-requested that my article be modified. Comments Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer. She is Cassie VanderSloot and her father, Frank, is one of the most powerful people in Idaho politics. Share. He is also interested in other business ventures like Riverbend Communications and Riverbend Ranch. American entrepreneur, radio network owner, rancher, and political campaign financier. Melaleuca: The Facts September 29th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Melaleuca - (Comments Off on Melaleuca: The Facts) Founded in 1985, annual gross sales have grown steadily and are approaching one billion dollars for 2010. May 14, 2013 8:32 PM ET. Romney National Finance Co-Chair and Melaleuca CEO, Frank VanderSloot is using his resources for the promotion for partisan political flyers* circulated in at least four Eastern Idaho public high schools late October. Frank VanderSloot Phone Number, Fan Mail Address and Contact Details are given here. VanderSloot has long been active in politics, donating to mostly Republican candidates and causes. That firm is owned by Frank VanderSloot, Idaho’s only billionaire. This Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020 photo shows Frank VanderSloot at a table on the fourth floor of the Idaho Statehouse in Boise. Frank VanderSloot, in an interview with FoxNews.com on Tuesday, said he received the initial audit notice from the IRS last month. Frank VanderSloot has often criticized the Post-Register for inaccurate reporting. Frank VanderSloot is a businessman, not a famous public figure. He is the founder of Melaleuca, Inc and serving as the chief executive officer of it. It all started when the Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) billionaire Frank VanderSloot decided to declare war on true conservatives across the state. Font Size: Wealthy businessman Frank VanderSloot, a major Mitt Romney super PAC donor who was subjected to three federal agency audits after being slimed by the Obama campaign, says he isn’t the only one of his peers who was audited … Melaleuca has never had to lay off a single employee–ever. BOISE, Idaho — Idaho billionaire Frank VanderSloot said Wednesday he will support Republican Marco Rubio for president, adding another prominent donor to the Florida senator’s endorsement list. Last November the oldest son of Frank VanderSloot, Brian, died. frank vandersloot, melaleuca, truth about melaleuca. Frank L. VanderSloot . Idaho-based businessman Frank VanderSloot, who gave $1 million to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC in the last election, told Breitbart News he was audited three times last year and investigated a fourth. The Department of Labor audited his business too, and a former staffer for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on … Stuart Stevens. Frank VanderSloot.