239. I don't know why, but it made me feel both secure and frightened at the same time. Definition of frighten written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Scarcely had I … Sentence Fragment; Missing Subject ... - Sentence and Fragment Quiz It was the unique purposelessness and savagery of the murder which had frightened and frustrated the whole community. Like most good albums this one bears the most fruit after repeated listenings - so do n't be frightened off by the first play. he heard one of the servants say in a frightened whisper. and as if scorning to say more to the frightened and shamefaced count, he lashed the heaving flanks of his sweating chestnut gelding with all the anger the count had aroused and flew off after the hounds. ; and again, on the death of Pius within the month, another Italian, Julius II., was chosen (1503). One gayal was shot dead and the rest were too, David's views, which surely should have been known, would not have, Even on the fashion front, although the dresses were classically glamorous, not one would have, Giving evidence under oath from the witness box, Hunt said that he had been, Another boy, the smallest in the party, had been, Darkness lingered at the edge of his vision and he was suddenly absurdly, Although Thomas could be very mellow, she was still, Children don't run about outside anymore because we're, He had the strangest face I had ever seen, and I was a bit, He gulped, looking up at this new and unfamiliar sight, slowly growing, One resident, who lived in the street at the time but asked not be named, said some were still, The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon, I suppose when I write, I write about the things that I'm most, Now, faced with something that had nearly, They got in and took a few things, but the alarm, People who lived here carried on pretty much as normal, but outsiders were, There was a further struggle in which they tried to take the bag but the milkman's shouts. In addition to it, the knowledge about the origin, pronunciation, and synonyms of a … I think I scared about ten years off my life too. This frightened our family and we could not watch her continue to hurt them, so we took action by removing her totally from them and taking her to a new home. The frightened young woman began to drive faster, growing more terrified with each flash of those high beams. Lisa stared at him, too frightened to move. The frightened army fled, leaving the camp with all its treasures to Tahir, who from that day was named "the man with the two right hands.". There he finds his sister, sitting up in bed, looking frightened. The victim of abuse may feel uneasy, afraid, sad, or frightened. As the men were evidently determined to oppose any attempt at landing, a musket was discharged between them, in the hope that they would be frightened by the noise, but it produced no effect beyond causing one of them to drop his bundle of spears, of which, however, he immediately repossessed himself, and with his comrade resumed the same menacing attitude. Frightened Meaning in Urdu. This is the film in which the audience is supposed to see just how bad the bad guy really is and I all have to say is this: I'm a lot more frightened by Lord Voldemort than I ever was by Darth Vader. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, and come back to review often. One of the longest sentences in American literature is in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! How to use frighten in a sentence. Not as frightenedbut still concerned, you walk to the bathroom, rubbing sleep from your eyes. During the War of Independence, the Continental Congress, frightened from Philadelphia in 1776, sat for several weeks in a hall in W. When he proceeded to deny the doctrine of transubstantiation, to assert the all-sufficiency of the Scriptures as a rule of life, to denounce saint-worship, pilgrimages, and indulgences, and to declare, the pope to be Antichrist, he frightened his old supporter John of Gaunt and the politicians of the anti-clerical clique. Learn Ludwig. Afraid or anxious. He's made my face all bloody, said he in a frightened whisper when the sergeant major had passed on. It was the first time Alex had been there since the stabbing – and the first time she had ever seen him look frightened. He was terribly frightened and suffered from the effects of gas, but rescuers got him out. Monster or frightened little man, she doesn't know. Berg and the countess looked at her, perplexed and frightened. 2. I woke up and you weren't there and it scared me. “frightened of” can also be used, but it’s not as common. The woman looked half frightened to death and the young boy with her never said a word. For instance, the way a cat's coat will fluff up when they are scared or frightened, making them look bigger to another animal. Pierre replied, looking at Prince Andrew with frightened, compassionate eyes. This attempt to stir up civil war determined the wavering and frightened Convention. The frightened child will resist returning to bed and often seek the comfort and reassurance of a parent or caretaker. 5. When children lose their sense of connection to others, they may feel tense, frightened, or isolated. If you learn these sentences and questions, it will help you speak English well. The prince looked at his daughter's frightened face and snorted. Carlyle, accustomed to his father's household, was less frightened by the prospect of poverty. repeated listenings - so don't be frightened off by the first play. I became frightened that I was in a vicious circle. Pierre gazed at her with rapturous, almost frightened, eyes as she passed him. I wonder who is scared to lose me. "I ain't got no money," Dean said, trying to sound frightened, which somehow came very easily. The little pigs had stood huddled in a group, watching this scene with frightened eyes. If you are frightened, you are anxious or afraid, often because of something that has just happened or that you think may happen. Natasha, animated and excited, looked about her with wide-open frightened eyes and seemed merrier than usual. Younger children may be frightened of the CT scanner, and a parent or other family member may be required to be present in the scanning room. Tried to put me in school, but my strange gift frightened everyone. (1936). How to connect 'frightened' with other words to make correct English sentences.frightened (adj): feeling fear or worryUse 'frightened' in a sentence He's not one who is easily frightened. The rustle of the battle of Tarutino frightened the beast, and it rushed forward onto the hunter's gun, reached him, turned back, and finally--like any wild beast--ran back along the most disadvantageous and dangerous path, where the old scent was familiar. said he, as if bragging of having been frightened. I was scared of the big dog. Parents may become anxious in sympathy with the child and lie awake in worry long after the frightened dreamer has returned to sleep.