Children always belonged to the mother and they would go with her if there was a divorce, regardless of who terminated the marriage. If  sprouted first barley wheat, a woman will give birth to a girl. When a man took a woman to wife, it was understood that he had his own household; men didn't marry until they could afford to live on their own. Incestuous marriages is the term given in Islam to the marriage of brothers and fathers to their sisters and daughters. Many of the old marriage contracts have been found, and they were registered and signed by three officers. //--> For example Tutankhamun’s wife Ankhesenamun was also his half-sister. These two gods according to believe protects mothers and their newborn children. There were no protracted legal proceedings, the terms of the marriage were clearly specified in the marriage contract and generally adhered to. Men and women endeavored to make their spouses happy because it was thought that their marriage would extend beyond the grave, and no one wanted to be miserably married for eternity. Before marrying Tutankhamon, Ankesenamun was married to his father Akhenaten. a='