Harleys are dry-sump bikes, meaning the oil … I had a similar problem with my SDH not long after buying it.My problem was: I had put just alittle too much oil back into the bike when I did my first oil change and it was coming out thru air filter and its' housing and blowing back onto the left saddle bag,just like yours' is.So I had to drain a little oil off and clean the air filter and its' housing.All was well after that.So ya might wanna check your oil level cause it's possible the dealer may have put alittle too much in [probably the full 6 qts.just to use it up "BUT" it only holds 5 1/2 qts.] Post May 20, 2012 #1 2012-05-20T21:10. However, when I turn the engine off, it leaks oil. Oil filter: The seal on your oil filter can also start to leak if your oil filter comes loose or if the seal starts to crack or break down, allowing oil to escape. No problems, no leaks. I would remove all the seals and o-rings and head to a good bearing supply house to ask for replacements. It runs good with no oil leaking. It's not uncommon for the crankcase vents - which vent into the air cleaner, to carry some oil into the air cleaner, which when starting to drip out of the a/c will be blown back by the wind onto the bike. then when i looked inside the fairing from the rear, i could see oil up there. Damage to the oil plug … I've experienced this on every vtwin I've owned. If you can determine for sure the grommet is leaking you might try removing the battery and laying the bike on it's side, pry at the grommet to open a gap, wash it clean with solvent and … So it's ok to pull it from the left (slave) side of the engine, but not the clutch side. It should clear up over time as it doesn’t sound like it’s super filled with oil, just maybe a bit too much. If you loves your motorcycle, then oil leakage from your motorcycle can be very depressing from you. The primary is under the middle of the primary case on the left side facing the ground and the transmission is under the right side of the oil … If no oil further forward and lower on engine case, then it will be breather. Cloudflare Ray ID: 6173578c9bd04a97 It's a fairly easy fix. Last weekend I rode the bike 550 miles with a lot of it being spirited in the sierra nevada mountains. To make sure that oil leaks are coming from the oil filter, clean the side of your engine, remove all the oil sludge and sump. Put a container under it and it dripped around 1/4 cup of oil … Last weekend I rode the bike 550 miles with a lot of it being spirited in the sierra nevada mountains. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 56. kentuvman. Snyder claims that the biggest source of leaks … Then run your engine for an hour, check the oil around the oil filter and the whole … If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. hence the mess .I used a battery suction bulb to suck out the excess oil thru the dip stick hole and everything has been fine since.Now I pay closer attention so as to NOT over fill it and I've changed that oil several times now with NO MESS.Anyways,I suspect you have the same problem!! Your IP: Thank you everyone for your quick and knowledgable responses. I looked all over the engine and the bike and could not find any leaks or anything wet. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Clean the engine with a rag and degreaser before searching for the oil leak. i noticed the oil on the outer fairing behind one of the vents. Water kept coming from the left side as if it was the passenger seat and backrest draining. I'll ask tomorrow when I call. About a month ago, I winterized the bike, and put on a dolly for the winter. One may be the guide plug on the bottom left side of the engine. When we got back, oil had blown all over my left shoe, the engine was leaking oil everywhere, even out around the oil filler cap (which was snug). I rode it a 100 miles and the issue is gone. Post Dec 03, 2016 #1 2016-12-03T21:48. ... You can generally pick it up at your local motorcycle service/parts shop. stubborn left side oil leak stubborn left side oil leak. Refrigerant leaks and oil-based fluid leaks require different types of dye. Hoses and tubes: Oil can be channeled through various hoses and tubes, depending on your model and design of motorcycle, and leaks … 2018 Speedy, purchased … Bike was a little low on oil a couple days ago, filled it to top part of full. I recently purchased a 2019 Chieftain Limited. Started it up and it ran beautifully. Bad News - a pretty substantial oil leak on left side - … All that's needed is a new O-ring (found … Try wiping everything down and then put some flour around the area it is leaking … Dyna engine oil is on the left side bottom of the oil pan near where the jiffy stand rests when up and straight in from the side. ... Leaking from the top left side of the stator cover (where wires go in) is a good place to start. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Hey guys im new to motorcycles. Oil Leak from Crankcase (Kickstand Side) A few months ago, I noticed oil accumulating near where the shift linkage attachment sits on the stator case. The Good News is the CT90 runs great! Dave!!! 500 mile service done by the dealer at 440 miles. • How to identify and repair leaks on your motorcycle - YouTube I could use some help here. If you are riding your motorcycle and notice a fuel leak, park the motorcycle immediately! One other leak that’s also common on most Harleys is the dreaded wet-sump, when oil collects in the crankcase. RevZilla photo. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Additionally, oil plugs on the side crankcase and valve cover are also likely to create leaking issues. Lastly, another core reason you might be experiencing oil leaks on your bike is faulty oil plugs. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and builds for all Indian models. I have a weird oil leak that only shows up when I first start the bike when it is cold. When you check per the manual is the bike warm or cold? Motorcycle 7 USA. Initially the floor of my garage was dirty so I did not pay to much attention on it, but after a good cleaning last weekend, then I noticed quite a bit of oil … puttputt. Like was already stated I'm sure there was just a little too much oil in her. There should be no ignition sources or open flames in the area. Turn the fuel shut off valve to the off position and make sure the area is well ventilated. The oil looks like it is coming from the Left side of the engine, near the … I looked all over the engine and the bike and could not find any leaks or anything wet. JavaScript is disabled. I had a new tire installed and asked the mechanic to estimate the cost of fixing the leak, and he said that the engine must be lifted to get the side … Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Either way, I’d clean the air filter (if it’s the cleanable type) and keep riding. 56. These can blow excess oil for a number of reasons, running very hard and hot, oil level too high in crankcase, various other worse options such as internal engine blow-by (rings, valves, valve guides). Usually, the oil plug on the bottom of your drain pan is prone to these leaks. it could end up not being an oil leak… I don't see any compression numbers in the paperwork. When I got home, I noticed some small drops of oil on the left side cover and left saddlebag. When I got home, I noticed some small drops of oil on the left side cover and left saddlebag. just got one like 5 months ago, GSXR 06 600 x], anyways, and everything was working perfectly until recently i started to notice i have a leak on the left side, i don't know if its oil or what but after riding for an hour or so it leaks … After about 60 secs, oil starts to leak down in a stream from the left side of the engine behind the front … I did not smell any oil … There are two possible ideas of where that leak is coming from. Profile; ... My bike stayed outside and got very wet when we had rain. Freedom is rarely enjoyed by those who fight for it and it is generally lost by those who have never known anything else. 53. puttputt. Obviously, if very much oil gets into the filter, it leaks out, eventually exiting the housing, causing a drip. Hi, I noticed that there is a bit of clear oil leak just on left side cover, where the clutch is located. What did your compression numbers look like at the 500-mile service? I was getting some blow back on the left saddle bag. Seems like it happens more often in mountain riding, where I'm doing a lot of engine braking, and up and down shifting. Last week, oil suddenly started leaking … I did not smell any oil burning during that ride. I did have to have the crankcase seal replaced under warranty. I have a 1978 Honda 750K motorcycle. After filling it was ready just a hair about the upper line, today I went riding and when I came home the bottom of the left side case was wet with oil and the bottom had oil drips on it... it didnt leak … It just happened because there are no other drops in the garage except … It's darn easy to tell, just pull the side cover off, be aware that there is 2 pins at the top that are held in place with hair pin clips, just rotate them up and pull the clips off, there are 2 washers … That was eliminated. Might be coming out of the breather tube. Life is great! If you come to the conclusion that it's definitely leaking from the left side, and you don't come up with anything at the locations I already mentioned, you can remove the chrome cover (it's only … My son hopped in the sidecar and we took a ride around the block. I believe … When I upgraded to stage two I changed out air cleaner to the newer high flow. I have just purchased a '97 Vulcan Classic in pretty good shape, everything works, but there is an oil leak on the engine's left side. it seems to be coming from the crank case cover. I was driving and the car wouldn't let Me drive over 40 mph, oil reader goes down to 0 whenever I stop at a light and picks back up once I push on the gas, checked the car, oil was leaking from left side, on top … rear left end - kick stand, rear brake hose and fender, the oil drain hoses, left/back of the transmission assembly, left/bottom side of exhaust - all around that area. Left Side Oil Leak. There are different UV leak detection kits based on the type of leak you're dealing with. Easy fix, only look at the right side....... j/k. • Had the same thing on my SFDH with stage one set up with can air cleaner. Yesterday, I noticed a drop of oil on the left side of the rear tire. kentuvman. Leak detection kits are available at most motorcycle parts retailers. i've might have an oil leak on the left side of the engine. ... make sure to check the condition of the air filter and make sure to change your engine oil. Heard many a story over the years about the Indian w/sidecar he rode while stationed at Ft. Des Moines & Fort Ord in the late 30's. It was a very slow leak, barely … ... My 2012 RT-S left a similar oil leak… Again, I hope this is not a dumb response for you but I did see that on y RT. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I also saw oil all over that side of the wheel and sidewall. Bike never leaked a drip drop of oil. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Changed the oil maybe 2 months ago, no problem. I picked the bike up yesterday at the dealer and they did not find anything wrong with the bike. 11.5 year fast attack boat Submariner, EM1/SS. I open up the cover on the newer air cleaner every few weeks and wipe out the inside. It's the fine print that can be painful. I washed the bike and planned to check it on the next ride. I checked the oil warm. 5 battle star veteran of WWll. I’ll bet dimes to nuts that oil is coming from the crankcase vent that runs into the air filter. 2019 Chieftain Limited Thunder Black Pearl Stage 2. 53. Oil leak, left side, not exactly sure of location, it appears to be coming from a bolt, about 1/2 inch diameter directly behind where the clutch cable enters the motor. Oil Leak on Left Side of Engine . Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. hi there a lot of the time the gaskets go hard and can crack but being on the left hand side when the bike is on the side stand it could be coming from somewhere else ,sometimes it could come from the gear change seal.clean the oil … A forum community dedicated to Indian Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. The compression was 98 in the front and 110 in the rear.