And now she has the wit and style t...; The traditional bridal gown has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Gather the whole family and chow down on some home made turkey with gravy, vegetable sides, and cute garnishes. Scroll through the various cartoon ch...; Somewhere in space, the sushi is alive. Co-ordinate a custom outfit complete with goggles, aviators, scarfs, leather jackets, boots, gloves and more ...; Looking pretty can be pretty fun! ; Known for the several wooden arches around the city streets, Columbus is a beautiful city. This newlywed couple are just getting back from their honeymoon to their greatest wedding present of all: a brand new house! Can you help Katy in this cute dressupgame from Girl Games? Newsletter Signup - Get A Free Video!; Yay, it's snowing! Take the doctor's orders to make sure you get back on your feet in an instant! ; Looking for something different? It's one thing to dance around in front of the mirror lip synching into your hairbrush.; While they are trying to defend the world, they also need a good outfit! Now she's building up a new tattoo shop and makeover salon for those brave fashionistas who don't wa...; Dress up as a pretty young girl as she makes her way through the Hollywood Halloween party! Fashionable floral accessories and coconut bikini's fill out their desert ense...; Join the fashionably fun Amy for all the fun of recess with none of the homework! ; Party the day away in style at the world's favorite vacation party destination Ibiza, Spain! That's why she often visits the local park to feed the birdies and look up juicy celebrity gossip on her smartp...; You've come to the right place if you want the ideal mixture of fruits and lotions to create a beautiful spa makeover for this pregnant and expecting mother. Can you pick out the most loveliest outfit for her? Hiking boots, khakis, hoodies, and an assortment of matching bags are just some of the options you can choo...; Style this darling couple of cuties in all kinds of suits, gowns, T-shirts, hair styles and more as they share a their first kiss! Whether you want hard or soft serve, fudge or caramel, or just want to load it full of toppings, you decide ...; There's nothing in the world more amazing than a first kiss with someone you love! But when these best friends do finally schedule the perfect time to get together at their fav...; Who knew that zombies could fall in love? ...; Loola loves her new Mini Cooper! Lay back, dream up your favorite fantasy and become the you that you know you we...; Justice is over used and out of fashion, vague and hard to qualify. 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If she goes to school like this, she'll be tagged in Pinterest in the pics for crazy hair day people! Look cute and stay cool in tons of darling dresses and beautiful bikini's. There's no pressure here, although she shed a few tears when she heard her new husband's inc...; Did I mention I like to dance? ...; The first thing people notice are your shoes, so if you're trying to make a first impression or a good impression having incredibly stylish shoes is a great way to start! ; The largest city in North Carolina and one of the most beautiful is home to this gorgeous gal who is ready to dress up for a day at the office!; Girl Games - Play Free Dress Up, Cooking and Decorating Games. Help her pick out clothes that look great and feel comfortable! ; Go crazy with cake, presents and friends as you party in your favorite dress with your best buds on your special day! Dress her up using her completely new wardrobe! 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Sell items and as you grow, more items will become available, and the more busy your shop will become! Spending that amazing vacation with your best friends! Make a romantic night with your spouse, or pack a fun lunch for the kids to relax and recharge at the park. ; Big talent comes in small packages! Just as this cute little bunny buddy who is simply too cute for actual words. She might looks a bit like Rapunzel! ; Watch yourself blossom in an outfit inspired by the delicate beauty of flowers in bloom. Printed T's, denim jeans and matching shoes make for a fun swinging summer style. She can't wait to let her dog off the leash so she can run aroun...; When your hair is naturally straight but you want it to look wavy, a great tip is to sleep with your hair in braids. Can you give them the coolest outfit? Luckily you don't have to take it alone. 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