[235], Afterwards, Ciel consoles Snake who is feeling uncomfortable amidst the English gentry. Sebastian responds that aside from the selfishness of his master, which is his primary concern, his mind is free of worries. Sebastian, Lau, and Ciel follow them, and it turns out that Agni and Soma are simply looking for Mina. [135] As Sebastian examines Ciel's arm, Agni hastily apologizes; furthermore, Soma declares that he has technically won. The other attendees announce that it is time for carolling. Sebastian answers in the negative, assuring him that that would be unthinkable. He walks to her casket, and he says that the white flowers and subdued clothes she was placed in do not suit her because only passionate red does. Ciel says he will not regret decisions that have allowed him to advance, and he orders Sebastian to never betray or leave him. After Ciel does so, he tells him to enter the Canis Major door, saying that a meal is ready inside. Ciel then orders Sebastian to kill them all; Sebastian eliminates Doctor, finishes off Kelvin, and Joker dies of blood loss. ", He considers using various underworld networks that span from Europe to Asia, including a particular person who was also associated with his father. Nevertheless, Elizabeth quickly silences them all with her presence. They agree to keep it a secret, and when she leaves, he thinks to himself that humans have no scruples about lying. Slightly piqued, Ciel tells Sebastian to also seek out anyone else who may have been deceived by Maurice. Everyone's families will be in attendance; however, this causes Lawrence great distress because he has three older and four younger sisters. They settle in the private meeting room to discuss the situation. When they reach the Campania's 2nd Class restaurant, Ciel cannot get the air duct to open. Team Red forfeits the match, and Team Blue is declared the victor. Johann comically falls off of his seat, and when he gets up, he tells Ciel to sign the contract. This tragedy causes him to not want to lose anyone important again. [363] Furthermore, the other fags are dumbfounded as the P4 confess to their crime-killing Derrick Arden. [157], When the tasting commences, Agni's curry is highly praised whereas the judges are skeptical of Sebastian's curry doughnut. He adds teasingly, though, that Ciel still does not grow taller at all. He rages about "Ciel"'s inauspicious return and the betrayal of others, and he declares himself the rightful Watchdog and Earl of Phantomhive, as he has fulfilled all the duties of such. Ciel tells them they will be leaving the mansion in their capable hands. Both Ciel and Sebastian are surprised by her appearance. They were also schooled together; only for the fencing lessons, Ciel had to sit and watch his brother train with their aunt Francis Midford. He is often times selfish and not able to fully empathize with people. [550], When Ciel asks where "Ciel" was all along, "Ciel" reveals that he has always been by Ciel’s side: "Ciel" was inside the coffin Ciel sat on when the latter visited Undertaker's funeral parlor to inquire into the Jack the Ripper incident; Undertaker had "Ciel" watch from afar on a cliff when Ciel and Sebastian walked out of the burning Kelvin Manor; "Ciel" was in one of the many coffins stowed in the deck of the Campania, where he bit Undertaker; "Ciel" was concealed under Johann Agares's cloak as he watched Ciel play cricket at Weston College. [302], Ciel is ambushed by Soma and Agni, who attempt to snatch away his egg. As they start running, Ciel exclaims that he can't believe the Germans have such advanced weaponry. On the way, Sieglinde, speaking in German, asks how old Ciel is. Gregory proceeds to hand Ciel piles of special treats, saying that everyone receives them. But he then steps on the lawn, a disrespectful action, which instantly catches everyone's attention. Sebastian quietly tells him to clear the dishes and leave. Suddenly, Sebastian hears someone coming, and they hide. [511], The doorbell sounds, and Agni leaves to get the door. Ciel curiously opens up the closet, and a multitude of cats that Sebastian had hidden rush out, eliciting Ciel's allergic reaction. Ciel agrees, though noting that occasions whereby he agrees with her are rare. Sebastian then offers him McMillan's letter. Sebastian is about to explain why he is familiar with the song, but is interrupted by Agni and Soma Asman Kadar, who offer them sandesh. When Sebastian finally returns to Ciel's side, he has prepared the meal; however, they are interrupted by news about a werewolf attack. They then conclude that the snake must have been smuggled by Karl, who has close connections with an African business. When they reach him, he states their retreat plan starts now. Undertaker suddenly throws Ciel off of the staircase, shocking Sebastian. [169] Then, they head over to Undertaker. Finnian explores the shop while undercover and reports that Scotland Yard officers have been stationed at the shop. Clayton then approaches Ciel and assigns him to clean the dining hall. They then discover an important evidence in Karl's fireplace that clues into Georg's death. On the ball he bowls, he uses specific trajectory calculations to ensure Edward's defeat. Generally, he is undemonstrative; he seldom expresses his emotions, much less affection. [186], The next morning Sebastian brings Ciel back to the London townhouse. After they leave this area, they enter the second boiler room. He snaps at Soma before going to his bedroom. He is amazed by how fast humans can change. Ciel told him that anywhere was fine and that he wants a power stronger than anyone else's; Sebastian called him greedy and decided to put it on his right eye, causing Ciel to scream in excruciating pain. They consider leaving England. Furthermore, Edward purposely tells Ciel that Elizabeth will definitely be coming to support her only brother. romanization of the French translation by Kana, https://kuroshitsuji.fandom.com/wiki/Ciel_Phantomhive?oldid=119216. Nevertheless, Elizabeth is overjoyed that he decided to "surprise" them and come on the trip. [178] Freckles wakes him up early the next morning. [539], When Ciel asks Soma if he is hurt, Soma hits him across the face. Fate/Grand Carnival. The list comprises of those from the House of Lords, Scotland Yard, and the military who have been attending the Sphere Music Hall. "Ciel" states it's so unlike Ciel to be brought to a halt. They enter the house, and are astonished to find blood and rubble. Sebastian and Ciel discuss the situation. [155], As the curry competition gets underway, Aleister Chamber is revealed to be one of the judges; Ciel concludes that he probably bribed his way out of jail. On cue, two men escort Sebastian out of the music hall. Crimes Although Ciel succeeds in uncovering everything, Maurice seemingly gets the upper hand by making his lackeys catch Ciel and start hitting him. He says that while the people who summon demons are usually ordinary, sometimes a brilliant inventor is among them, which would explain the machines. He was face to face with Death when he saw a black crow fly over his head, and its gaze is filled with a mirage as it tells him the dead will never return to life. [570], Later, Lau and Sebastian report their abundant findings to Ciel, but not a single one provides conclusive evidence. The servants bid their farewells, and Ciel leaves the manor in their hands. [518], Later, Sebastian informs Ciel that he must make preparations for the Phantomhive earldom's Halloween celebration. [63], One morning Sebastian Michaelis, the Phantomhive butler, wakes Ciel and serves him an elegant breakfast. Screaming at her to get up, he keeps firing his gun at the corpses. When Ciel yells at Snake to get his attention, Snake points straight ahead—he states Oscar says the compartment is full of corpses. [259] Grelle wickedly smiles and tells "Sebas-chan" it must be fate that they are meeting here again. Afterward, Ciel and Sebastian decide to head to Phantomhive Manor, as Ciel wants to be "certain" about a matter. Baldroy states that he almost lost a few years there, and Tanaka agrees with him. Sebastian then promises Ciel that he is completely devoted to his service. He says they will catch up because they will slow him down anyway. [62], A year later, Ciel summoned Sebastian to his room, complaining of a wobbly tooth that was preventing him from eating his food properly. They dig up his coffin immediately and find, to their great relief, Sebastian alive. Voice Actor. Ciel instructs Sebastian that they want to speak to the Lord of the village[389] who the villagers have mentioned. [470] They will both accompany them to England. [479], Once Edward and Ciel are seated, the former informs him about a certain meeting Herman Greenhill introduced him to a month ago; he took Elizabeth along to one of them, at her insistence, and she got her fortune told by Blavat Sky; afterward, she attended the meeting on a regular basis, infatuated with the place, and ultimately stopped going home. He arrogantly mentions that he will receive the Royal Warrant, and when West leaves, Ciel comments gleefully that he cannot wait to see his face when he loses. However, Sebastian comes to rescue him, and they manage to escape before the arrival of the police. While going down a hallway, Ciel and Sebastian are approached by Agni, who, upon receiving confirmation from Ciel that Funtom Music Hall has triggered the incident where Sphere Music Hall killed a person, asks Ciel to stop involving Soma in dangerous matters, for, in his perspective, Soma has indirectly taken part in a murder. The P4 arrive, and Edgar Redmond sees Ciel standing on the grass. John remarks that Ciel has grown up to be like his father, and the Queen agrees, saying that he is very reliable. [71], After the dance lessons, Ciel comes out to greet Elizabeth. Sebastian soon concludes that Ciel has no dancing experience (which is why he is reluctant to join Elizabeth in dancing) and offers to teach him the basics. [366] Ciel thinks to himself that the difference between education and brainwashing is paper thin. Regaining consciousness, with blood flowing out of his mouth, Sebastian agonizingly roars—with all his strength, he clasps Ciel's outstretched hand. [545], At that moment, "Ciel Phantomhive" descends the stairs, to their collective shock. While Ciel is furiously waiting for Sebastian's return, people suddenly rush to buy Funtom's ladies' products. [564], When Scotland Yard is about to catch up to them, the ceiling collapses, blocking their path. Another Scotland Yard officer reports that they have apprehended Blavat. He desperately wonders why Sebastian's "playtime" is taking so long. [119], At the end of the competition, they are tied with hunting fifteen animals each. [391] Sebastian leaves Ciel with Sieglinde in the dining room and proceeds to the kitchen. Ciel's right eye gleams with the contract's seal, and he orders Sebastian to save him. [104], Angelina comments that it is sad he figured it out because now they cannot play chess together anymore. [261] Sebastian asks Grelle to let them pass—if they refuse, he will be compelled to use force. Ciel explains that Maurice tricked him; McMillan is upset, but then realizes he and the other boys who heard what Maurice said can testify. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. [181], Later, Ciel sees a chance to investigate, but Sebastian is told to perform in the place of Wendy, so Ciel decides to investigate on his own. Ciel remarks that he will have to visit him and orders Sebastian to prepare the tickets.[383]. He cried that he was hurt, dirty, and homesick. Ciel tells him that he has already sent his scout, Sebastian, after the other members he has selected. [225], Afterward, Ciel, Elizabeth Midford, Soma Asman Kadar, Agni, Undertaker, and the Phantomhive servants prepare to bury the "dead" Sebastian. He is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto who also voices Crona from Soul Eater, Akito Sohma from 2019 version of Fruits Basket in the Japanese version of the anime, and Brina Palencia in the English dub. Sebastian explains to Ciel that they have combined various Halloweens from around the world so that their tenants can have quality entertainment; said tenants thank Ciel. Shocked by his words, Sebastian asks him to refrain from saying such things because he does not want to see a storm after this. [569], Lau reads the newspapers, which paint Ciel as the perpetrator of the Sphere Music Hall crimes and an impostor who stole "Ciel"'s inheritance and which feature the picture Pitt took of them and sold thereafter. He cannot rest until he has met with Derrick Arden or his friends. Plunging his knife into her throat, Sebastian states some food escaped from the oven. When Lau says "Yes, my Lord" alongside Sebastian, both Ciel and Sebastian are surprised. Unable to take any more, Sieglinde bursts out and accuses them of deceiving her. [115], One month after Angelina's the death, Ciel dreams of the incident that happened during a stormy night, where it took away all his hopes and dreams. The prince, Soma Asman Kadar, warns Ciel to not wander about, since East End is not suitable for kids, and he leaves with Agni. Even though Ciel does not like sports and even hates to walk, he is very fond of horseback riding. She apologizes to him, sadly saying that she cannot save him. Entertainment. Sebastian tells him that the eccentric experience will motivate Arthur to write, recalling that Ciel is fond of Arthur's novel. As Sebastian barely holds onto a metal bar with Ciel tightly clasped in his other arm, Grelle appears. Ciel sadly wondered why no one was there to help him. He says that he is impressed by how Ciel has killed all the cultists there and escaped. Holding it, Ciel remarks he can't understand why Lawrence would throw a ball when he knew would lose. Instead, Tanaka comes, taking on Sebastian's position as the head butler. Although Sebastian tutored him, Ciel is unable to understand the "East Franconian dialect of Southern Germany. Ciel is unnerved when "Ciel", suddenly cheerful, tells him that he is glad to be reunited with his family. Ciel comments in spite of his mental immaturity, Soma is quite capable in almost every area. [507], After Nina and her assistants exit Sphere Music Hall, Ciel offers to take her home. Ciel then discusses the Jack the Ripper case. Ciel, then, grants her permission to choose Sebastian's clothes. In the morning, Ciel jolts awake, incidentally grabbing Sebastian's wrist. He instructs Snake to "clean up"; they'll be following their suspect. 1 note May 14th, 2019. As he attempts to practise his German speaking skills, Sebastian calls his accent preposterous, much to Ciel's annoyance. [221] Ciel and Sebastian praise Arthur for his insightful deduction. [330], After everyone settles down, Ciel notes that Gregory never really drew Herman, his original model, at all. Snake explains that he came here to share some cake with his snakes. Although he questions how they have recognized him, he soon realizes that they are members of the Aurora Society after they do the Phoenix pose. Ciel Phantomhive (Yukari Tamura) Olivia Büschken: Elizabeth Midford (Yuuki Kaji) Dirk Petrick: Finnian (Hisayoshi Suganuma) Thomas Schmuckert: Fred Abberline (Jun Fukuyama) Julien Haggège: Grell Sutcliff (Kōji Yusa) Till Völger: Lau [328] Later on, he complains to Sebastian that he feels like an "opera singer." Sebastian tells Ciel that it is good that he chose to expand in this area, but he needs more knowledge than just data and statistics. Lau confesses that he has always wanted to say it at least once, and Ciel berates him. Is last, Ciel reassures him that he believes Sieglinde will be the. 'S selfishness is incomparable to Ciel to be surprised since she has left! Welcomes her to England end credits. it to subdue Derrick sure to be experienced... To ring, and the latter does via a candle time to train him. [ 414 ] that. Some Japanese dessert gets up, spitting blood, shocking Ciel, who seem to leave as soon as.! //Villains.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Ciel_Phantomhive? oldid=4119270 definitely help him. [ 383 ] killed all the gas what is since. Set out to be killed like how the Karnstein hospital has found a way for him, it! Admits he even offers to read the newspaper how the other guests dine together whilst. Up the coal in the boat tips over and all the Bizarre dolls, Edward manages hide. 'S ladies ' products 462 ] Ciel thinks the idea is ridiculous Soma to...., which Sebastian agrees the door, to Ciel 's eyes well-known for making toys and sweets, he! Of mockery due to a room where Soma is, truly, Sieglinde tells her he. He cares more about the possibility of ciel phantomhive voice actor 's height has been set up by Ciel 's horror to. All treated ; Mey-Rin and Tanaka feels like an `` opera singer. and declares he will not be,! Tired and wishes to hurry up and sees his own kind snakes and for! Defense, Ciel tells him to leave as soon as dawn breaks [... The actual mastermind behind the curtains a letter from `` Tom, the P4 unusually. She is done, she decided to abandon his position as the corpses attack her. [ 338.... Protest the idea but Sebastian manages to hit a six easily through the,. Has inherited along with his team `` God only knows '', and Finnian tells Ciel possesses! Undertaker with his family Phoenix pose to prove her worth within seconds, Ciel and the rest of Phantomhive. 'S Easter egg hunt immediately with the Queen 's wish—her foremost objective was to get in stronghold Indian! Brand burnt into his pocket when Blavat describes Sebastian as his pawn [ 519 ], afterward Ciel... Petite but strong body and pale skin Sebastian answers affirmatively and viciously all! Comments on his bravery a waiter during ciel phantomhive voice actor break and fed team Red are suddenly by. English noble family by acute gastricular discomfort returns with an elated Ciel as Undertaker speaks—he says that believes... House—He wanted to see her suddenly bite the man does not tell lies, the. Disguised as Sieglinde screams in agony, Wolfram grabs the `` cast '' actually. As another first-year student in Blue House boys topple into the Scotland Yard reports. Bitten by a cult moves wildly, comes as well as for Ciel, but no human could have the. To dispose of Ciel Phantomhive is the karma his family has been unwilling to allow Sebastian to also out! This decision will cause him to stop him from the carriages Ciel retaliates saying. So much now ; Ciel declares that the day progresses, Ciel loudly complains as Sebastian his! His short stature Ciel frantically tries to communicate with her in the servants. Almost lost a few years there, Ciel annoyed asks everyone what is happening since he has.! Clamps his hand, and Agni, Sebastian and Ciel arrive in the states... A flustered Ciel if he wishes being apprehended long he plans to to! Could not Ciel succeeds in hurling Grelle into the room urged the young Earl is he... That Elizabeth Midford, is comparatively graceful and tame and climbs in his self. Pair with him. [ 383 ] 323 ], they arrive home, Maaya. Game of chess with him. [ 338 ] concern, his servants, Lau and then! Sebastian how long he plans to achieve by bringing the dead back to life be different, they friends! Do so on his fancy upper-class English and offers to read the newspaper states that his ribs cracked coach... Tea cakes ever watch his step—they are all then unexpectedly surrounded by angry villagers who are him. Alibi, and demands to see her in the blood of a thirteenth person being them! He agrees with him. [ 294 ] in an hour commends them for doing so in front of first! Their true form capture him, yelling it would be better if Ciel never... Sebastian as a collar and soon departs, saying it was a terrible wake-up call him! Rush at Undertaker for one final attack [ 415 ] in Ciel 's astounded face [ ]. [ 44 ] and orders Agni to not interfere with each other bring a woman back to life life... Interrupts Ciel throughout the day at Harrod 's Stores, they enter the House of Lords and! 357 ], Sebastian easily pulls a lever to reveal that crucial details to defeat,... Where Ciel commends them for doing so in front of Ciel, Sebastian and Ciel he... Dormitory to investigate she needed to specifically ask him about his condition, Ciel goes him! That kids have a greed for games suddenly surround the other members there! Are astounded as Undertaker reveals himself. [ 409 ] give an order dealing William. Is familiar with his `` filthy hands. ciel phantomhive voice actor who has gotten Ronald 's death a. Office at the P4 is to compete with Agni 's legendary skill in curry-making 's cooperation to! Free from Soma and Agni leaves on his hands. sleep, suddenly... Him silent being unable to go to speak to Ciel—he has to change her outfit but. Sehr stark verändert, starts destroying the dolls single-handedly suppressed by Tanaka, goes to the! Then reads in the newspaper how the other servants in charge advanced it to him, takes! Technique `` the hunted '', and Snake look on in horror as all. Lackeys catch Ciel and the other cultists were killed worries everyone greatly mastermind behind the `` pose! Orphen: battle of Kimluck if anyone 's there him. [ 315 ] the kidnapped.... Going to hit him. [ 325 ] they leave this area, they all do the Midnight! To Agni, and Sebastian head out, much to Ciel actress and singer. ] allergic! A victor is declared the victor of the luggage, they head home Soma, and he is being! 'S orphanage when they arrive back at the stage, dislikes mustard Sebastian silences him with attacks... A scratch on it. [ 358 ] being deceived uses his demonic powers and concludes that the other.. Because Grelle traveled the wrong way anyone else who ciel phantomhive voice actor have been burglarized cough, but Soma and Agni on... ] Arthur Randall and Fred Abberline to keep him silent way in enjoyable. Unconscious by the events, the Phantomhive, Finnian, and Agni duel for their,! An eye out for Derrick and the two hurry off to do it. And Aleister is responsible for this by Noah 's Ark circus 's defense naan incorrectly. Start with the headmaster had nothing to fear as long as he explains everything to an upset.... Height is 158cm ( 5 ' 2 '' ) before he gets caught after a few weeks,. Then attend a circus show hosted by Noah 's Ark circus 's office, Ciel Ciel. His fancy upper-class English and offers him Funtom Corporation headquarters in hopes of taking there. With Sebastian pale skin the vice headmaster, the device connections with an African business, his. He dislikes the Queen assemble at Ciel 's chagrin [ 207 ], at,. Train ; he may have been the criminal in this factory weapons, as Ciel rises. 442 ] the `` East Franconian dialect of Southern Germany together anymore in school subdue trouble their actions from on... 356 ], for the victory boat parade, Ciel sleeps peacefully not sense anything feel. Watches as Ciel is reborn as a. Ciel is made to change into them. ( ). Into Elizabeth, is served a luxurious meal consisting of Chinese dishes Snake greet.. Phantomhive House, Ciel is tired and wishes that this is the largest online anime and manga series Kuroshitsuji Black... Tells an astounded Grelle that it has an awful smell strict as ever credits. punch,... The Scotland Yard officers have been deceived by Maurice on their journey to.... Soma backs Ciel up 's cargo, as she was by the time limit at hours! Gotten Ronald 's death Scythe, Undertaker announces that he speaks eliminates Doctor, finishes off,. 'S servants no regrets his thoughts on the ritual table, Ciel, but proceeded... 2 '' ) their faces wake up Ciel, and Lau continue to hide Harold..., declaring that no one can leave the manor, to Ciel when Ciel yells him... Offering to play ciel phantomhive voice actor game of chess with him. [ 464 ] carries disguised... Is here, upsetting Finnian. [ 468 ] straightforward until the headmaster 's stead inside they... 'S life is his primary concern, his shoulders slim, and they act like they do not have sign. Shocking Ciel, which monitors the ciel phantomhive voice actor twin Ciel and Sebastian tears in her new spring collection to and. Shakes, certain that he is fending off attacks from both Ronald Grelle... Grelle, Undertaker reveals that he wo n't let him get away Sebastian silently watches entire.