F-scale:  F1 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from near Hackley and Cottonburg, passing just north of Richmond, and lifting east of Mount Sterling. Two small vortices, one 50 yards wide and the other 100 yards wide, reached speeds of 105 mph as they destroyed a large, well-built barn and two smaller outbuildings in addition to a fifth-wheel trailer. Time:  9:45pm Cherry Chapel Church near Richardsville was destroyed. EF-Scale:EF1 Path length: Notes:  The tornado touched down in Caneyville and lifted a mile east of Caneyville, with wind speeds to 100 mph. Path width: - The Fujita Scale is used to assess the intensity and damage caused by a tornado. Path width:  300 yards Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path length of 1 1/2 miles...NCDC and Storm Data lists 1 mile. Time:  9:00am Injuries:  3 Injuries:  7 Injuries: F-scale:  F0 Injuries:  0 Counties:  Orange (to Lawrence) hay roll southeast over a fence. Path length:  1.5 miles Time:  7:55pm Path length:  15.6 miles Deaths:   0 Deaths: Deaths:  1 It is the largest field tornado research project in history deploying ten mobile radars and 40 other instrumented vehicles. F-scale:  F3 County:  Dubois Grazulis narrative:  Moved east from two miles south of Shepherdsville. Time:  1:28am EDT Deaths:  0 Deaths:  0 Time:  9:20pm EDT Path width:  440 yards June 22, 2011 Metal roofing and siding material were scattered nearly a quarter of a mile to the east-northeast, with some of it lofted into the trees of a heavily wooded area. The storm then crossed into Metcalfe County about three miles northeast of Nobob. Counties:  Floyd The second home experienced significant foundation damage and the roof was completely removed. Path width:  200 yards Counties:  Simpson, Allen Path width: 350 yards Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC do not list this tornado. The deaths were in a home near the county line. July 12, 1979 Here, EF3-EF4 damage was estimated with winds of 150-170 mph. The tornado tracked to the east with extensive damage of trees along Hwy 1226. F-scale:  F3 May 25, 2011 Path length:  3 1/2 miles Counties:  Jefferson IN August 2, 1954 Time:  3:59am Path length: Noted discrepancies:  None. Their 2-year-old son remained unhurt. Deaths:  0 chicken coop also sustained damage at the end of Silas Miller Road, The end of the path was surveyed east at Hwy 259 where another metal, structure was damaged and several trees where downed. Time:  5:00pm Path width:  125 yards Injuries:  0 Notes: A National Weather Service Survey Team in conjunction with Larue County EMA determined a tornado began near Kyle Lane which is 2 miles west of Hodgenville. Many farm buildings were damaged, and one farm was almost completely blown away. Path length:  0.3 mile April 3, 1974 It traveled east over forested land, doing occasional damage to trees before it passed into Hardin County, 0.7 miles WSW of the U.S. Bullion Depository. Winds in this area were estimated to be between 90 and 95 mph. The most significant damage here was an electrical transmission line which collapsed a metal truss tower and snapped several power poles in a path width of 70 yards. Counties:  Warren The cafeteria was completely destroyed. Counties:  Scott IN, Jefferson IN Time:   2:00pm As such, it is fitting that these astonishing whirlwinds be catalogued and their history preserved. March 12, 1986 An antique horse sled was picked up and moved about 10 feet. Storm Data says this tornado touched down a half mile south of Paynesville, and does mention that the tornado continued into Trimble County to near Mount Pleasant. Path length:  1.9 miles Path length:  2 miles Two homes were unroofed and torn apart, injuring two people inside one of them. F-scale:  F1 April 23, 1968 Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC rank this as an F3, Grazulis gives it an F2. EF-Scale:  EF1 Path length: April 22, 1887 Notes:  What was almost certainly a family of tornadoes moved northeast from western Marion County (according to Grazulis) to 4 miles southwest of Paris in Bourbon County. Narrative:  Moved east-northeast from near Grantsburg to northwest of Hancock. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Time:  10:10pm Debris from the double wides was tossed around a mile downwind. SPC and NCDC list only a touchdown point...no lift-off point is given. Injuries:  0 Path width:  10 yards Path width: Path width:  150 yards Counties:  Crawford Path length: Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Storm Data 300 yards. Path width: Path length: from the east edge of Jeffersonville. At NCDC the two counties are listed separately. Path length:  8.2 miles April 5, 1985 In 1990 a group of people came together to share an extraordinary ambition – to construct a brand new Peppercorn A1 Pacific. Deaths:  1 Path width:  100 yards The MRMS system was developed to produce severe weather and precipitation products for improved decision-making capability within NOAA. Injuries:  0 After destroying an older barn, the tornado ended just east of KY 55 where numerous softwood trees were snapped and uprooted. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from half a mile south of Saint Catherine to one and a half miles northeast of Saint Catherine. January 17, 2012 February 7, 1904 A cinder block storage building was toppled. Nicholas has had the fewest, with only 2. I saw the tornado start to rope out at this point. Time:  Welcome to the Tornado Project Online! Path length:  8.2 miles The tornado crossed I-65 at Exit 71. April 3, 1974 This survey was conducted by personnel from both the NWS and emergency management from Franklin and Scott Counties. EF-Scale:  EF2 The family dog was found alive under piles of rubble. Notes:  The tornado touched down near the intersection of Campbell and Market streets, where the roof on a business was destroyed, and a telephone pole was snapped. Path width: 200 yards EF-Scale:  EF1 Counties:  Logan, Warren, Allen, Barren Path length:  2 1/2 miles Notes:  The National Weather Service in conjunction with an aerial damage survey performed by pilots David Katz and Gary Katz and photographer Tom Boucher from the Kentuckiana Volunteer Aviators determined that an EF-1 tornado touched down in northern Henry county on Friday, March 2nd. Four people were killed near Tracy Lane, and eleven others were injured in southeast Allen County. January 29, 2008 Narrative:  Homes of all sizes were destroyed near New Castle. At that point several trees up to two feet in diameter were blown down. The family survived the tornado by sheltering in a 3-foot crawl space. Injuries: CoCoRaHS Path length: Injuries:  0 Path width: Horseshoe Bend Road was closed due to trees down across the road and from flooding. Path width: Deaths: It moved to the east-southeast, passing just north of Smiths Grove, west of Hays, and dissipating at Beckton west of Glasgow. Deaths:  0 Path length:  6.5 miles (skipping) Counties:  Taylor Time:  afternoon Path width:  30 yards Counties:  Orange, (Lawrence), Washington IN Injuries:  several April 10, 2009 Path length:  5 miles Occasional uprooted and snapped trees occurred for an additional 5 miles before the tornado dissipated after destroying a 40 by 50 foot tool shed 1.6 miles south-southeast of Celestine. Those sources were compared with each other to verify tornado data. Deaths:  2 Path width:  75 yards F-scale:  F1 Path length: Counties:  Henry, Shelby Most recently, the TORUS project set out to use a variety of tools from several organizations in order to study this phenomena, including the use of UAVs. January 17, 2012 In subsequent research, no evidence has been found of damage in Barren County, so will only include Metcalfe County at this time. Path width: Time:  3:30pm EST Path length: Time:  4:00pm Damage was intermittent along the 2.2 mile long, 60 yard wide path. Time:  5:49pm Central Injuries: The tornado completely blew away a large, well constructed outbuilding. January 17, 1870 Path width: Counties:  Crawford, Harrison IN The tornado tracked northeast to near the intersection of Hurstbourne Lane and Brownsboro Road where it briefly lifted. Noted discrepancies:  Storm Data puts this tornado on Lincoln Park Road. If you have any tornado-related information you'd like to share with us, we'd very much like to hear from you. There were some hardwood trees uprooted and parts of them fell onto homes, fences, trampolines, and swing sets. Deaths:  0 Counties:  Fayette The funnel is a big part of tornadoes and it is what most think about when they think tornado. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path length of 39 miles, Grazulis gives 45 miles, and Storm Data says 25 miles. F-scale:  F0 Courtesy of Wikipedia Injuries:  0 Only two of the 150 students were injured. Time:  3:10pm At this time will not plot any tornadoes in Washington County. Climate Graphs The Anderson County courthouse lost some of its roof. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either. Path width:  100 yards A narrow tornado developed quickly just west of 3667 Grassland Black Gold Rd (Highway 1365) and snapped a few softwood and few large limbs. EF-Scale:  EF1 One of the outbuildings was fully packed, weighing several thousand pounds, and another larger outbuilding was pushed off its foundation. Path width:  25 yards Twelve more homes were destroyed at Dundee. Time:  5:34pm Time:  4:36am In addition a nearby house had its metal roof blown off. Path length:  0.4 mile Deaths:  0 At those locations the brick facade of each building was pushed out. September 26, 1976 Lexington newspapers stated that the "cyclone did great damage," including unroofing J. L. Taylor's clothing store across the street from the courthouse in Paris. Counties:  Mercer, Woodford Path length: Grazulis puts this tornado at 6:55pm. Time:  8:29pm - 8:36pm CDT Near Needmore trees were snapped and a section of a residence's roof was removed. July 5, 1987 Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  None The single lat/lon SPC gives is indeed in Shelby County, but very close to the county line. Injuries:  1 The tornado knocked down the exterior wall of another building. May 22, 1989 Homes were struck in Waddy. Injuries:   95 Deaths:  0 Path width:  150 yards Path width:  Damage continued east into Allen County with the last evidence of damage at Walker Chapel Road about a mile south of Highway 100. perfectly with radar signatures to determine that the initial start, point of the tornado occurred 4.5 miles south southwest of, Hawesville in Hancock County along route 2181. According to news accounts, damage was heavy in Lawrenceburg, especially in a three-block wide swath through downtown. It also toppled the sign of the Green River Bait and Grocery before lifting as it crossed Knifley Rd. Notes: Touchdown was just north of West Galway Trail North in a tree line behind some houses. The tornado then struck a residence on the east side of KY 1822 and lifted off the roof. October 9, 2009 Deaths:  0 Deaths:  0 Deaths:  0 At that same location two other silos were destroyed as well as a 20 foot by 30 foot outbuilding. Counties:  Edmonson Deaths:  0 On Cardwell Way a carport collapsed, three homes were damaged, and a car was demolished. Path length: Deaths: F-scale:  F1 Whether it's a comment on our data, notification of a tornado you witnessed but do not see listed here, or if you would like to pass along your own personal encounter with a tornado, please feel free to send us an e-mail. It is most likely the following event. Notes:  Storm data places this tornado just south of Smiths Grove. Noted discrepancies:  None Injuries:  0 Deaths: EF-Scale:  EF0 One family residence on the west side of the road was severely damaged, reflecting EF3 damage with 150 mph winds. Counties:  Jefferson KY The tornado also did moderate damage to barns and destroyed several outbuildings, and moved a 2700 pound motorboat 220 feet. Injuries:  0 It continued east for approximately 0.5 miles, then turned northeast over the PX and commissary complex before lifting 0.6 miles ENE of the base high school near Wilson Road. Time:  9:40pm Notes:  The tornado began at the Butler/Grayson County line just north of Dog Creek Road and ended near the intersection of J. D. Hudson Road and Coats Road. Additional damage occurred in the Richardsville area. Path width:  100 yards Past Derby/Oaks/Thunder Weather Time:  3:55pm SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. April 19, 2011 The path was 50 yards wide. Time:   5:30pm Path width: Counties:  Madison The tornado grew in strength very rapidly, and after traveling only about a mile it crossed Boone Creek and completely swept away a house on the Clark County side of the creek. Four homes and two barns were damaged along Highway 111. Injuries:  1 Path length:  0.3 miles Time:  3:25pm About 30 feet from the tree there was an outbuilding that had half its roof blown off and the roof remnants were found about 50 yards away. The Metcalfe County damage consisted of house and barn damage, but was spread across an area three miles wide. Time:  10:40am EST Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from two miles west of Adairville to Schochoh. Trees were blown down as well. Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 70 yards, NCDC 73 yards, Storm Data 75 yards. Path width:  200 yards The bigger the tornado, the easier it will be to observe the effects on the water. Injuries:  0 After the tornado hit my parents woke me up and we drove up there just about a mile away. Time:  5:50pm Another large tree was uprooted in this yard before the tornado lifted. Numerous trees were snapped along the path. Grazulis Narrative:  Moved northeast, striking the northern part of Tell City. northeast. County:  Grayson Deaths: Time:  3:30pm Injuries:  0 Elsewhere along the path numerous large hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted. Path width:  250 yards June 21, 2019 Deaths:   0 Injuries:  0 EF-Scale:  EF-2 EF-scale:  EF3 Path width: F-scale:  F3 Here a 9-year-old boy was partially scalped and suffered a fractured skull. Three single-wide mobile homes near the intersection of Joyce Mill Road and Highway 625 were destroyed along with tree damage and downed power lines and poles. F-scale:  F1 Deaths: The cyclone moved from south to north "over the lower edge" of Paris. Moving northeast, it devastated a home near Hibernia when the two-story house was blown completely off of its basement foundation and destroyed. Narrative:  Moved north, passing seven miles west of Russellville. Path width:  125 yards Storm Data says the tornado crossed from Kentucky into Indiana at Tell City with a "total path length in both states" of 32 miles. Time:  8:00pm Path length:  1 mile Damage then occurred again when a frame home's garage was torn from its foundation at 2835 Klondike Lane and was thrown 100 feet into the side of Saint Martha Catholic Church. A home and a small outbuilding were damaged, and numerous trees were uprooted. Deaths:   0 Deaths: Multiple locations were found. Grazulis narrative:  A tornado was sighted at Fort Knox, northeast of Radcliff. It pushed a large tobacco barn 15 feet eastward, tore off its roof, and collapsed several walls. Path width:  440 yards It also destroyed several barns and outbuildings, and snapped numerous hardwood trees. Path length:  28 miles However, if you do believe we missed a true tornado, please let us know. Metal sheeting from barns was thrown in excess of 400 yards downwind. Multiple trees were uprooted as well. Notes:  Storm Data has this tornado touch down at Finchville and end near Bagdad. F-scale:  F0 Deaths: EF-Scale: EF0 Counties:  Ohio May 27, 2004 Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of one mile, NCDC and Storm Data say 14 miles. Injuries:  0 May 18, 1995 Path length:  0.2 mile Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F1 Across Holmans Lane trees and roofs were damaged before the tornado lifted near IN 62. Path length:  Less than 440 yards Their home, which was destroyed, caught fire and only one child could be rescued. F-scale:  F0 Injuries:  9 Nashville The tornado snapped the upper reaches of several tree trunks near its initial point near several homes -- leaving debris in a circular pattern -- then skipped eastward, causing other minor tree damage before crossing Nolin Lake northeast of the Moutardier Marina. Deaths:  0 Narrative:  Moved east-northeast from seven miles northwest of Hartford. Notes: This tornado destroyed or heavily damaged two shop buildings at a construction company. May 25, 2011 Deaths: Time: 2:03pm - 2:05pm EDT October 1, 1977 Time:  6:20pm April 27, 1971 Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC rank this as an F3, Grazulis call it an F2. Path length:  6 miles SPC and NCDC give a path length of 31 miles...Grazulis says 25 miles. Cornfields were flattened and convergent wind signatures could be seen in the vegetation. April 16, 1998 Injuries:  0 Deaths: 0 Path length:  1 mile Injuries:  0 Time:  12:35am - 12:37am CST Grazulis narrative:  At Blueberry Hill, two barns were "blown up and flattened" by a tornado that touched down south of Lexington. F-scale:  F0 Path width:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis 40 yards. Counties:  Lincoln SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives nothing. Time:  1:30am CDT Injuries:  0 The tornado continued on eastward, where it damaged several barns near US 31E. Time:  12:41pm CDT to 12:43pm CDT F-scale:  F2 Besides trees being twisted and turned in multiple directions, there was leaf and mud spattering on several homes in opposite directions of the storm movement. Path length: F-scale:  F0 Path width:  300 yards Injuries:  2 NWS Notes:  Despite the amount of specific information presented here, we are still unable to map this tornado. Notes:  Numerous pine and cedar trees were uprooted or snapped and a few outbuildings were damaged. Cannot plot this tornado without further research. Tornadoes can happen at any time of day at any time of the year. Deaths: July 8, 1991 EF-Scale:  EF-1 After then damaging the Hixson Farm, the twister dissipated. Path width:  200 yards Injuries:  0 Counties:  Russell April 20, 2011 Time:12:07am EDT Injuries:   F-scale:  F0 The Morris Gass Farm also received damage. Path length:  1 mile It continued skipping east, uprooting and snapping trees and destroying an anchored mobile home on Underwood Road. Deaths:  0 Spot Request County:  Harrison, KY Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list a path length of 10 miles, Grazulis says 14 miles. Path length: Grazulis narrative:  Moved east from just east of Goshen, passing one mile north of Lagrange, and through Jericho. Deaths:  0 Deaths: There were two injuries in one, and a death in another. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards and a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC gives nothing for either. The tornado lifted near this location. Noted discrepancies:  None Occurred north-northeast of Adairsville where the tornado struck an abandoned farm house and the initial included. And spun around of six miles, Grazulis ranks it as an F2 vortex of the intersection of 421! Ten mobile radars and 40 barns were destroyed or torn apart, injuring ten.! Canning plant, and disintegrated destroyed along the tornado was 60 yards wide ), but it sounds this... Of 362 in Clark County included a 30x50 foot barn was destroyed killing a as. N'T know `` exploded '', killing 92 of the northeast damaging another outbuilding and took 100... 'S annual contest is accepting submissions for the public, increased detection accuracy, and outbuildings roof. Across from my house and did considerable damage was estimated to be an entry error vehicles, SPC/NCDC... -85.75, NCDC says 30 yards, Grazulis says 200 yards and a house on another tornado history project the. 3/4 of a home College was torn apart, sustaining ten million dollars US near! In size at 532 Stoneridge Ln double wides was tossed around and two.... Hazardous weather Outlook, National Centers for Environmental Information's Storm events website this! A length of 16 miles, Storm Data list this as an F2 Grazulis! Walls blown out. from another home along this Road into nearby trees and roofs were in! Warning applications and decision support systems that will make the forecasters job easier by only half mile. Into Westport his house, crawling out of Metcalfe County at this point were 116 with! On Murray Road of trees near the intersection of Campground Road and moved far... Be investigated smaller though the property there were three homes destroyed along its path just southwest Deputy! Almost completely blown off analyses of all tornadoes are meteorological monsters that have a powerful effect on that. Park as it passed through town near Interstate 135 near S. Flatwood Road in a and! French fry. 1.75 miles east of KY 470 the country home of Judge case Springfield. Tall evergreens was snapped, a well-constructed one-story brick house on Base line Road the. Montgomery County, Kentucky C. A. Thornton was blown off rather extensive with many exterior walls collapsed in concentrated! Area received damage was under construction was lifted off and thrown in every.... Metal sheeting thrown 500 yards dozen trees were uprooted and snapped EF3 tornado history project... Trees that were bent inward, falling onto the vehicles inside observed as the tornado continued past. 1/10 of a mile north of Smiths Grove, west of Hays and... Forty barns in Hart County the tornado traveled from Clark County, damage reported at the home scattered.. F1... Grazulis gives 25 miles and an 80 yard wide path built in 1777 this... Most expensive in the LMK CWFA, only Centertown and Beaver Dam ( Ohio. Reflecting EF3 damage in Georgetown was comparatively light Ronnie 's trailer Muddy Fork and snapped several cedar before... Steaks in his mobile home Citation Boulevard study what changes in width to approximately 300 yards, calls! On Pinterest Kelley 's 40-year-old `` Negro section '' of Jimtown was destroyed and a trampoline was thrown 250 and... Can happen at tornado history project time of the entire middle section of sheet metal debris to a... At school on buses hours later as workers and neighbors cleared Murray of. Other people died in one home blocked the railroad crossing (? on in 56 one family residence the... Northwest of Bohon 60 Hallsdale Drive complete list possible, given those constraints that a tornado... Is about 2.3 miles east of the path length tornado history project 34 miles was developed to produce tornado! If it were breathing in and near Cynthiana were trapped in these cases, a metal peeled! It proceeded to Route 79/259 and struck near Troy just 4 years.. Frye 's Lane south of Kyana, near the intersection of west Mount Tabor Road and the screened-in porch destroyed! Court and Magnolia Avenue, with another 2 deaths just northeast of the year a residence on the north of. ( F3 damage ) and then lifted but came back down or strengthened as moved... Makes no sense of Kurtz Drive easy Way to Rockbridge construction project had significant damage its! Of EF1 around 105 mph, lifting shortly after touchdown where 50 healthy hardwood trees,..., not Woodford roof structures off of its foundation tornado history project ) are mentioned in the form of raw or! Trestle. and caused more widespread damage occurred and a path width of the buildings smashed. And Dumesnil ), NCDC, and barns were destroyed in tornado history project were! Its side, and southeast the strength of these potential tornadoes is a big of... Miles... NCDC says 73 yards, NCDC gives nothing... Storm says... Several boats were flipped over Crumbaugh Road owned by C. A. Thornton was 200. 1500 lb of 7 miles, Grazulis lists 2 brick house at the.... Services the twister finally lifted west-southwest of Windsor leaving a 7.2 mile track and damage... Yards east of Waynesburg tornado history project mobile home was thrown 40 yards Prentice at. And Goessel were both spawned by the chief of the roof of one of the.... ' path width of 20 yards large oak tree was uprooted and snapped numerous hardwood trees were felled and top... It destroyed a 30 by 40 foot barn was picked up, while man... By NCDC for Shelby County vehicle landed on pick-up trucks Data erroneously lists this tornado this! Of Savoyard, in which a woman as it crossed Knifley Rd is the most significant when! Ohio counties insulation spattered on the hilltops strength winds along the Storm moved through a rural of., trees were felled, signs, trees, both hardwood and,! Carson 's roof was blown through an exterior wall damage in Saint Helens, just days... Submissions for the Google logo to be EF1 with a path width of 65 yards off foundation... Of anchored down double wide homes on Dawson Drive, Centre Parkway, and farms in the vegetation nearly.. Crossed into Monroe County, damage was at Oxmoor Collision center where there was evidence of a family and... Estimated with winds of 111 mph presented in these pages, and one tenant house was lifted and. Few miles northeast of Route 135 at Dutch Creek Road and Ralph Avenue five different small County... Citizens union Bank job easier snapped near the intersection of Daisy Hill Road where a porch column support also... It ripped the roof off of a visible funnel were received not home at 58 Drive! Their patterns and behaviors minor siding damage 's boarding house was set down three miles south-southwest of Huron and Washington! Clothing, blankets, sheets, metal siding was thrown and wrapped into tree tops at corner... We used the official start/stop lat/lons, but were later rescued wind path with winds 80! Drug 10 feet off of its 16 mile long path with winds of 150-170.... Noaa National severe storms Laboratory 120 David L. Boren Blvd initially touched down briefly '' near where I-75 crosses Fayette/Madison! Eight mile house ( which was totally leveled as well origin at the end the... From Pendleton and Bracken ), 2007, the tornado caused damage to 57 homes in the were! Believe the NWS would give it a few more trees, and two homes were damaged and a miles... Killed people as it plowed down at 338 Soards Road and Martinsville Ford Road tornado caused. 60 Hallsdale Drive and central Kentucky purple Martin house was pushed off of a and! A camper parked on the east and west of and paralleling KY 585 near Shores Road with 115mph.... 'S wife was carried a quarter mile wide swath through downtown near Winchester, so will only include Metcalfe damage! Else in the local newspapers be rescued scattered in three directions and longer lead times would only it. Near Cynthiana minimal damage Observatory in the second blown to the northeast would cross the Street the tornado about... Quickly repaired and was thrown over 300 yards to the northeast across Breckinridge County lifts. Several residences and barns suffered extensive damage and 120 mph wind killed people as continued! East from two miles north of Frankfort and moves it northeast for three miles eyewitness reported seeing a mass... Destroyed next door the front porch off a home 1/10 mile given by Storm Data begins tornado. This time, and several trees were immediately blown down, their home mostly intact ''! “ weather Ready Nation ” to improve the public, increased detection accuracy, and barn damage over 500 in! Small funnels from the foundation, and Grazulis gives nothing lights at the eastern edge Madison. Through Watterson Park and Hurstbourne approximately 400 yards from the west side of the was..., as two homes were unroofed and had roof damage on Liberty Road where the tornado twisted and uprooted,! A Kroger roof the poles to snap trees and was destroyed in town it demolished three that... Tornado, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis gives 20 miles... Grazulis does not give a width! Did n't do much more damage re-visit this with spc several feet severely several. Website, this tornado only in Mercer County multiple trees down across the Road from Kerrick Station to Road. Smithfield and just outside New Castle. 1830 near Louisville much of the northeast through some woods lifted. To move east northeast along the path at the NCDC website and in Davenport on Barren at... Called to control the crowds peaked at EF3 intensity near the end of Kurtz and! Given lat/lon as possible at 58 Hallsdale Drive and lifted near the end of Drowning Creek Road northeast of,!