While Tupelo can be worked with hand tools, it is more often worked with power tools. 95 $39.99 $39.99 There are many uses for tupelo trees in areas large enough to accommodate their size. Tupelo is very labor intensive to harvest and only a small portion of the tree is used for carving wood so the price is quite high compared to basswood or northern white pine. Tupelo's sapwood is white to grayish white with a somewhat brownish gray heartwood. This article was most … Wood Properties of Tupelo Tupelo Alternative Name 1 Water Tupelo Tupelo Alternative Name 2 Black Tupelo Tupelo Amount of Figure Intermediate ... Tupelo Use for Boxes, Crates or Pallets YES Tupelo Use for Carving no Tupelo Use for Cooperage YES Tupelo Use for Decorative Veneer no LLC. Reclaimed Wood in Tupelo on YP.com. Machining and gluing. (We are closed on all holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years Day). Grain and color. Other Interesting Facts » The black tupelo tree is the longest living non-clonal flowering plant in Eastern North America. The finest obtainable, experience the difference good, dry, wood … [CDATA[//>