report. As everything went as he wanted, he was no longer interested in anything. Talent nikeiyomiuri, sdra2, teruyaootori. Taking a step forwards, however, would begin to blur the vision for the students, leading for them all to pass out: unconscious. The second is OfficialSDRA2 EngDub who is currently working on an English dub for the game. #kanade otonokoji #hibiki otonokoji #sdra2 #sdra2 kanade #sdra2 hibiki #super danganronpa another 2 #fanart. So the original survivors of the killing games and Void do not exist. After talking some, Akane would suggest that they all introduced themselves to each other, which was agree on between most of the students, leading for Yuki to talk to them one by one, while the ones not in line did so between each other. Chō kōkō kyū no "zetsubō" Yuki Maeda (마에다 유우키 Maeda Yuuki) is a character featured in the Korean fan game Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~ created by LINUJ. At an unknown amount of time afterwards the students would begin to wake up once again, finding themselves situated in empty classrooms. Danganronpa Another She’s not too good with giving affection, but she’ll listen and get you a tissue if you need one. Just…I don’t want you to get hurt. Kanaroha (Iroha Nijue x Kanade Otonokoji icons with Iroha holding the lesbian flag and Kanade holding the bi flag for anon! At some point, Utsuro met Junko Enoshima, and she made him feel something for the first time in forever-- despair, likely-- and he began following her footsteps, orchestrating DRA's killing game with Akane in preparation for class 78's killing game at her request. Read Hajime (sdra2) from the story What am I doing (SDRA2) by ohfuccimakeahegaos with 1,393 reads. Soon an anonymous announcement would begin to play, which instead directed the students to the Gym. How about Sora (SDRA2)? 초고교급 행운 All posts. Utsuro Is Fucking Dead. Recent Top. Even in her puppetlike state, she’ll listen to you. Although he often changes emotions, (which usuall… best. May I request the SDRA2 girls comforting their s/o after a nightmare please (if you aren’t too busy)? SDRA2: Yuki is a nervous wreck. Personal Info She’s unsure if she wants to know the details or not, though she’ll try cheering you up in the morning. yes, I know they are fanchildren but they are just recolors kind of lazy, I know it’s your first time making a sprite edit but try a little harder,, look at tutorials Reply XxWiktoria-sdra2 Feb 2, 2020 share. Following the events of the Prologue in the game, the left half of Mikado's mask is broken, revealing his partially-shut pale light brown eye, giving him an eerily blank look. Audio. Anonymous asked: Oh! hi im new to tumblr so h,, also repost since i accidentally deleted this asdfgbds,,,anyways have the innocent, shsl/ultimate guitarist, kanade otonokoji drawing i made earlier this week,,, my friends from discord looking at me in tumblr like:anyways, hope you like the drawing!! Whatever he wills, will come to reality; for example, Tsurugi Kinjo was able to survive a gunshot to the head simply because Yuki didn't want him to die. when am I ever really. Called "Heavenly Luck" by Akane Taira, Yuki was born with the talent of fortune, an ability that granted everything he wanted and brought luck to the people around him. His short hair is parted to one side and is generally quite neat, although parts of it stick out in soft curls. After introductions concluded, the students would begin to head into the main school building. Kanji And just in general he’s a bad enough dude that any relationships with him will probably end in abuse.”. Romaja “Kanaaaaa s/o had a bad dream!“ She whisper-yells. Arriving there, they would be met with Monokuma, who would announce the beginning of the Killing School Life. Here. However, his parents eventually found out about his abilities with luck, and began to use him like a charm to fill their greedy needs. She always. Super Danganronpa Another 2 ~The Moon of Hope and Sun of Despair~ (슈퍼 단간론파 어나더 2 ~희망의 달과 절망의 태양~ Syupeo Danganronpa Eonadeo 2 ~Huimang ui Dalgwa Jeolmang ui Taeyang~), more simply known as Super Danganronpa Another 2 and SDRA2, is a completely released fan game created by the Korean game developer LINUJ (린유즈). Dislikes Normal daily life[1][2] Well, I do warn you. Ambiguously Bi: Sora is openly flirty with both guys and girls, though she does tend to make more flirtatious comments towards the girls. Kyoji? However, the flip side of this is that only the result exist in his power, without any process. I also think that he believes that the Yuki in SDRA2’s Killing Game and Doppelganger!Yuki are the same person, but SDRA2’s Yuki is just Utsuro whose lost his memories. spoiler. Blood Type 18 notes. 超高校級の「絶望」 She received it the face…, I thought I understood people who are aniti-mikado ships. he likes coffee shops, they are his safe space. *writes on paper* am I not punny enough for you? He changes his vest and tie for a white blazer with orange buttons, a white shirt with an upright collar and a bright red bow-tie. *sprays holy water at Hibiki 2.0* begone demon child! I’m sorry you two, but I need to leave for a bit. During his time at Kibōgamine Gakuen, Yuki is shown dressed in a neat whi… The game is created by Korean developer LINUJ, and both games have only been released entirely in Korean. マエダ ユウキアツーロー If you tell her not to worry, she’ll just be like, "I won’t go back to sleep till I know you’re absolutely okay”. It’s bad that a majority of it is ships with people he’s directly harrased/abused/killed. Chat. Main Menu Screen Portrait. (≧▽≦). Read Utsuro 2(?) 75 cm[1] Kanji He appears with his red hair neater, combed out to have less hairs sticking off of it. So he’s finally making his move, huh? 185k members in the danganronpa community. Fangan Info A flustered Nikei (try to imagine what was said to him), and an unfinished doodle of Kanade. A bunch of people have gone missing between the 20th and 22nd and some familiar names as well like Kanon, Aiko’s friend and Kiroko’s brother. You can find various gameplay videos of both games on Youtube. She looks uncharacteristically calm on the surface, knowing exactly what you dreamed of. Hey I cropped some kanade sprits tell me what you think of them. Close. Her dreams are usually full of nothingness, but she understands yours can be scary and troubling. Romaji His short hair is parted to one side and is generally quite neat, although parts of it stick out in soft curls. In contrast to this, his real identity Utsuro appears to have much messier and much curlier hair and paler skin, giving off a dishevelled and tired appearance. Since Kanade is out to make Hibiki her puppet, that would mean killing everyone her older sis was close to..including you. Hi I did some art because I’m bored lol we got a Setsuka with… Messy coloring. 169 cm[1] His last name, Maeda, is a common surname used in Japan, which roughly means "front rice paddy". Follow. Male Oh heck yes beautiful protag girl! During the party in Chapter 4, he alters his appearance slightly, not unlike the rest of the surviving cast, making himself appear more formal. Super High School Level LuckSuper High School Level Despair Hibiki is usually so lost that she shakes Kanade awake. For example, he could ace a math exam without actually learning mathematics. Art Evolution: The sprites, CGs and executions were gradually updated with improved artwork later in development. Affiliation Filter by post type. Maeda Yūki f 前田 勇気 Dies at the end of the Killing Game * Hangul Although you know she’s responsible, you’re afraid to turn her into the police or Kisaragi Foundation. He was able to live by himself on the streets thanks to his ability, and on his journeys, started helping many people in need, including Akane Taira and members of Void. 13. They would all begin to regroup at the entrance hall to discuss the events that had just taken place. English On April 1st, 2015, in an "April Fool's" update (Link defunct), LINUJ released a Google Drive containing several Chapter 6 spoiler images as well as uncompressed, "high-definition" full body sprites of all the characters.On October 22nd, 2020, it was discovered that the file had been deleted from LINUJ's Google Drive. Creator Utsuro Sprite Name Definitely doesn’t know how to control her emotions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Link. Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~, Yuki Maeda (Danganronpa Another)/Sprite Gallery, Romaji DR Hotel is toxic again, know what that means? Status everything in chapter six with her I absolutely loved, definitely did her justice. Photo. He is shaking all the time poor guy. She’s stubborn has hell and will only feel better when you feel better. But you’ll never take advantage of her, always snapping her out of it when you can. It is implied he has a more decent side as he spends a significant time wandering and using his luck to help others, but it was just to pass the time. Distractions are usually just lighthearted jokes to make you smile and forget all about it. Status wait omg akane????? But when she sees you tossing and turning, mumbling her name, she’ll grow concerned and shake you awake. Debate Scrum. Oh, and Keisuke Iranami maybe appeared from time to time. Log in Sign up. I need to talk with the others. They all ran away after hearing a weird broadcast that made them depressed and sacred. She still gets those insane heart eyes, but she’s calmer and not covered in you’d rather have the former. Most popular Most recent. This has Storm’s writing all over it, and he is making a cult. Super Danganronpa Another 2 (SDRA2) is the sequel to the Danganronpa fangame Danganronpa: Another. O[1] We...we might need to involve Miaya in this to help deprogram all these poor people. Please. As a high school student who was only picked by lottery to enter Kibōgamine Gakuen, Yuki does not possess any special characteristics, seeing himself as "ordinary" and "average". Since syoubai's fte took longer than expected, I decided to finally post the rest of Yoruko's events that I translated months ago. Yuki's first name is written using the kanji 勇 (yū), which means "courage", and 気 (ki), meaning "spirit" or "mind". She, along with the resurrected Utsuro, stay behind as the virtual world is destroyed. Follow. ♡ – themes of sora who misses/loves kanade but wishing she wasn’t like, you have no idea how fast I hit the block button when i realized, i might have to become an anti-kanade now, might talk about kanade and how shes the only Sdra2 character I actively dislike/hate, kanade gets too little criticism in this fanbase for who she is and she has it coming. Yuki is a young man on the shorter side with tanned skin, bright orange-red hair and pale brown eyes. #SDRA2 #Super Daganronpa Another 2 #Yuki Maeda #Halfbody Sprites #sdra2 spoilers tw. 19 votes, 27 comments. This is also how he came to resemble the real Yuki Maeda so greatly, as his luck changed his body to be the same. He is known as the Super High School Level Luck (초고교급 행운 Cho go gyu geup haeng-un). Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Anyways, sprite keys: Teruya = Me Yuki = Yuki/Rina Hajime = Bloel Mikado = Zeno Yuri = Lovey Nikei = Night. save. His face is covered by a white mask with red facial features and a dark purple inverted question mark under its right "eye". his forehead is lighter than the bottom half of his face. sdra2 yuuki sprites. She clings to you like there’s no tomorrow, always crying and begging you not to leave her. “You had a nightmare about my death, right?”. During his time at Kibōgamine Gakuen, Yuki is shown dressed in a neat white, long-sleeved shirt which he does not tuck into his trousers and a pale orange sleeveless vest over a bright red tie. sprite edits...only the faces..for reasons.. requests are open btw Browse . Hello! You tell her that your nightmare was about her being brutally slaughtered by horror movie monsters, which startles her for a moment since she. Whatever he thought, it was just done, with no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. LINUJ (린유즈)[2]. In the morning you thank her for putting up with you, but she gets huffy like “o b vi ou sly–”. Since he can't have any sense of accomplishment or effort, he became bored and jaded with the world due to this ability; as nothing had any meaning. Cuddles are an absolute must from her. Hi I did some art because I’m bored lol we got a Setsuka with… Messy coloring. Piper's Sdra2 Story Masterpost. Be aware of that. Your old ‘friend’ has been busy. It's thanks to the intervention of Kisaragi's alter ego that they manage to fight back. Yuki is a young man on the shorter side with tanned skin, bright orange-red hair and pale brown eyes. Maeda YuukiUtsuro For fans of the murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa. You just tell her it was a bad dream–that’s all. After realizing his, he became miserable. syobai gone tea party on corpse in the wall 1 day ago | 1. They are both full Danganronpa fangames with their own art, murders and trials, made in RPG Maker. However, this was not because he was a good person; it was just because it was a "good deed" to do, and he got bored of that as well. She assures you why what happened in your dream can’t possibly be reality, which does ease your mind. Read Nikei 3 (sdra2) from the story What am I doing (SDRA2) by ohfuccimakeahegaos with 1,429 reads. Oh! She’ll hold you close till you fall back to sleep. from the story What am I doing (SDRA2) by ohfuccimakeahegaos with 762 reads. teruyaootori, nikeiyomiuri, yukimaeda. It is described that as soon as he was born, illnesses were cured around where he lived. currently obsessed with super danganronpa another 2 !! sora, yukimaeda, nikeiyomiuri. just SDRA2 tingz. She’s good at helping you calm down, allowing you to ramble, cuddle with her, or just distract you from the nightmare. Unnamed father[2]Aiko Maeda (mother)[2] Grid View List View. Cowardly deeds[1][2] Deceased LINUJ (린유즈) hide. Read Yuri 2 (sdra2) from the story What am I doing (SDRA2) by ohfuccimakeahegaos with 1,315 reads. Translated The guitarist is miraculously good at helping you calm down after the nightmare, whatever that nightmare entailed. Illustration Cho go gyu geup haeng-un 94% Upvoted. Super Danganronpa Another 2 ~ The Moon of Hope and Sun of Despair ~, more known as simply Super Danganronpa Another 2 or SDRA2, is a fan game created by the Korean game developer LINUJ (린유즈).It is a sequel to his previous game Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~.The game currently has six playable chapters and a prologue. Click to see spoiler. She’s done the same for her big sis, so you eventually get back to sleep in no time at all. We are a LGBTQIA+ safe community and have a non-toxic environment. In contrast to this, his real identity Utsuro appears to have much messier and much curlier hair and paler skin, giving off a dishevelled and tired appearance. This mother hen already knows what to do. In the final trial, she manages to undo Mikado's plans by obtaining Utsuro's Divine Luck and allowing Yuki to take over her body. This blog will contain some SDRA2 spoilers. You don’t wanna worry her too much. Fanganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I hope these are alright for you… I made some matching icons too, in case you have a partner or friend you wanna match with! To blend in with everyone else, his memories were altered at the beginning of the killing game. Once you’re up, she’ll ask what happened and listen (or just hug you if you don’t wanna talk about the nightmare). Neither do the DR3 anime, the two fan-games of SDRA and SDRA2 killing games exist either. Kibōgamine Gakuen Text. Debate Scrum Sprite (Right) Winning the Debate Scrum (Chapter 2) Winning the Debate Scrum (Chapter 3) Winning the Debate Scrum (Chapter 4) Other. Gender ... Perspective Flip: The final trial has Utsuro, now revealed to be Yuki's true identity, shooting despair bullets at the survivors to shoot down their arguments. 1 comment. Weight He speaks in a rather blunt and harsh manner. I decided to run another blog where Syobai, Utsuro and Teruya survived instead of the usual survivors. He attempted suicide multiple times, but failed again and again thanks to his ability. Romaja Sdra2 Kanade < > Most popular. However, this persona was a result of his memories being altered. Mikado is a tall young man with very light skin and wavy golden platinum blonde hair which gradually fades to white and appears to be parted in the middle of his scalp. tsumi-mugi. After reading up on his classmates, Yuki would head to Kibōgamine Gakuen to meet the other Ultimate's in his class, leading him into the Entrance Hall where he'd find them all gathered. She’s so motherly, hugging and soothing you as you try to calm down. Ask. If he thinks he wants to study machines, he becomes well acquainted with machines. The only times you can truly bring Kanade at peace is during guitar lessons. Tbh she’s more likely to wake up from a nightmare than you, but she’ll try to mimic what you’ve done to comfort her, wanting to help you. Discover more posts about sdra2 kanade. But deep down she’s concerned and wants to comfort you. But she reassures you the monsters aren’t real, and they won’t hurt you or her. Follow. 마에다 유우키우츠로 DRAMA POSTS. Sprite 21.9k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘sdra2’ hashtag Katakana “Oh dear..please don’t cry, it’s alright now.”. Its still possible for him to become utsuro but you’d have to traumatize him quite a bit (which is not recommended) If you get to know him he can actually be quite nice, he isn’t an angry person just a cautious one. Fates kirameki-doki. spoiler. I requested some more yandere hibiki and kanade hcs but It got ate once again sorry to bother you. plutomochii. SDRA2(or super danganronpa another 2) is a Korean fan-game of the danganronpa series. Sometimes it’s impossible but usually the threat to break up with her does the trick. #lb #dl #this is Not coherent but. An Omake mode and a complete edition of the game are planned to be released in the future[1], although no date has been set for either release. A flustered Nikei (try to imagine what was said to him), and an unfinished doodle of Kanade. Nonetheless, he strives to do his best everyday and wants to befriend his classmates in many ways he can. Family Like “Yeah they are bad. Please don’t open this door for anyone, alright? Voice Actors I wanted to actually finish this but I never got around to it lol, Thanks to his luck, Utsuro was able to dodge that rock, and… He left…, Kanade was a little too busy to watch Utsuro and she didn’t saw the rock. The real identity of Yuki Maeda is Utsuro; someone in despair who lost interest in life, and finds most things boring. I’m probably going to get hate from this :’D. [Sdra2-4] a very rough sketch I made, in honor of my favorite post-trial talk! #dl. Currently, there is no official english version, but that's why I'm here to help! That son of a bitch. Bust Because of this, he became bored with the world, and ran away from home. level 1. just now >!Is his hand missing? 58 notes . What’s up? Browse; Paid Stories; Horror ... Utsuro Yuki 2 Maki Sakura Shinji ... SDRA2 Was created by LINUJ (can't spell) Random boyfriend scenerios and stuff. At the end of the game when his true identity is revealed, he rolls up his sleeves to mid-arm length in addition to taking off his tie and letting it hang loosely around his neck. Yuki MaedaUtsuro Video. You can … Yuki Maeda To infiltrate Kibōgamine Gakuen, Utsuro kidnapped and took on the identity of Yuki Maeda. But I don’t think I understood their visceral hatred and disgust until today when I came across what I thought was a Setsubiki ask blog and then realized that’s not Hibiki, that’s Kanade. Utsuro grew up happy in a good family. Posted by 4 months ago [Sdra2-4] a very rough sketch I made, in honor of my favorite post-trial talk! Quote. 56 kg[1] Likes *screaming* and then they’re like holding each other while yoruko is just there like 留‍♀️ 6 hours ago | 1. Though she's actually still alive. Sort by. Heya! Sorry, I’ve been busy this morning. He also wears light grey trousers and brown school pumps/shoes. My evidence is these two lines from his FTE: Mikado: If so, could a brain become the same as it was before if its contents were initialized for it to start accumulating new information again?