Moon and Artemis were not programmed with this last bit of knowledge, to prevent conflicts in their programming. sake? In the final battle, her moonbase was obliterated, though she and Moon survived. Template:Lead too short Template:Mergefrom A list of characters from the anime series Beast Wars II and film Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy, Close Call!. Face the Setting Sun Later, Artemis and Moon monitored the Space Pirates' plans to leave Gaia. She is very flakey and ill-tempered, and occasionally takes her frustrations … Revenge of the Space Pirates, Artemis and Moon watched with concern as the Maximals arrived on Nemesis and prepared to sabotage it. The Lake Trap, Proving that the Fourth Wall is a suggestion, not a rule, Artemis addressed a letter written from a boy watching at home, asking just who Artemis and Moon were. Predacon General Offensive! Beast Wars 2 - BW II - BW 2nd - BW Second Profiles by DrSpengler, icons by TFVanguard: see here for details and more icons ... Artemis is strictly there to observe the war and gather all the information she can. She has a disturbing crush on both Scuba and Starscream, not quite sure which one she likes better. Moon tried to reason with Artemis about how she could root for two opposing teams like that, but love finds a way. Most cels with measure 9.5H x 10.5L. tracking291. She is very flakey and ill-tempered, and occasionally takes her frustrations out on Moon with a big mallet. Beast Wars II: Super Life-Form Transformers (ビーストウォーズII 超生命体トランスフォーマー, Bīsuto Wōzu Sekando Chō Seimeitai Toransufōmā) is a 1998 Japanese Transformers anime series, spawning a movie and a toyline. At the end of each episode, Artemis would relate the information gathered from the episode, as well as the episode's "lesson" (and knowing is half the battle!) Starscream joined Galvatron and his Predacons on Gaia in their quest for Angolmois Energy. Moon calculated that Nemesis was on a trajectory that led it directly to Gaia. Although the Maximals were gone, Artemis and Moon were thankful to the heroes for all they had done for Gaia. 26:54. Artemis remained fretful and scared on the moon as it moved ever closer to Gaia, but Moon and the Maximals were able to reprogram the Mother Computer and return the satellite to its natural orbit. Moon even tried to travel down to Gaia, but found his invisibility aura prevented the Cybertronians from seeing or hearing him. 19, In 2050, Artemis and Moon still accompanied their creator, including to overseeing the manufacture of Selectors. These events are conveniently overseen by two celestial observers, Artemis and Moon. Lio Convoy happily shoo… Megastorm Reborn Artemis marveled at Scuba's ultra-cool new bike, the Tako Tank. Assemble, Thirty-Nine Warriors, Artemis and Moon were distraught when the Maximals were diverted off course by Galvatron's mind controlled pawns, the Space Pirate Seacons. Crash-landed on Gaea, the vicious Predacons, led by Galvatron, and the heroic Maximals, led by Lio Convoy, battle for Angolmois energy. The heroes delayed too long, however, for Nemesis was now in range of Gaia. Transformers Beast Wars II? oil?) When Gaea came under immediate threat from Galvatron's Nemesis spacecraft, Artemis used all her power to help the Maximals. Each character has only their own ending listed on their pages, see the other characters' pages for Artemis's fate in those outcomes. The New Weapon, Tako Tank, When the Seacons were trapped by the artificial planet Nemesis, Artemis and Moon detected their SOS, but were unable to do anything to help them. This is a sortable list of characters and toys in the Beast Wars franchise, part of the larger Transformers franchise, from Hasbro.This includes characters appearing in an animated series, comics or video games. Artemis begged Moon to travel to Gaia and find some way to warn the Maximals of the cataclysm. Predacons. The two androids survived the conflagration, emerging from the combined mass of the moon and Nemesis which existed after the artificial planet's destruction. Gigastorm's Treachery, Artemis got upset that Starscream was facing what appeared to be his last stand, and wanted Mono to fly down to Gaia and help, but Moon was having none of that. Artemis' job is to observe the war between Lio Convoy's Maximals and Galvatron's Predacons, gathering all the information she can. Artemis - Beast Wars II is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. By the time the Combatrons attempted to capture the Jointrons and study their combination secrets, Artemis had firmly established her super-duper crushes on Scuba and Starscream. He lives on gaea's moon. The consequences would be dire for the duo, however, for the Angolmois Energy would superheat the moon and roast Artemis and Moon inside. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. villamar Aug 25, 2007. Moon provided the heroes the information, and Artemis used the mother computer's calculations to signal the Maximals at the exact moment they needed for maximum thrust. This page was last modified on 14 January 2021, at 08:41. Must Furk. Artemis and Moon observed Scissor Boy's misadventures with Tasmania Kid and the Autorollers. Fearing the ramifications, the people of Gaia fled their planet for deep space, leaving behind two monitor androids in a chamber beneath the surface of the Moon. The Insect Robos. -Nunca me voy a cansar del opening, esos diseños, ese … Who Is the Leader!? Danger! They could move the moon itself into the path of the Angolmois Energy, blocking it from its flight from Gaia to Nemesis and depriving the Predacons of energy. During a conversation about the relative power of the Cybertronians, Artemis and Moon decided to have a contest with the approval of Lio Convoy and Galvatron to see who the strongest warrior was. Planet Gaia, At one point, Artemis and Moon reviewed footage of all the Maximal and Predacon transformation sequences. Artemis was surprised to learn that Mono had a robot mode as well. And being a teenager, Artemis endlessly fantasizes about romantic fulfillment, quickly developing obsessive crushes on whatever dashing male robot passes by her monitors. She continued making very un-sisterly comments towards and about Scylla from that point forward. Lot 470: ARTEMIS & MOON Just got in another load of Beast Wars 2 and Beast Wars Neo animation cells with draft matching draft paper. Artemis (アルテミス Arutemisu) would like to tell you all about her life as a teenage robot, but unfortunately, she doesn't have much of one. As Big Convoy and Magmatron's forces had one last brawl for old times' sake behind them, the Gaia androids participated in a giant cross-faction party under beautiful cherry blossoms. Bonus Edition Vol. O.o? So much for solidarity. to the audience. Concealment. Though Artemis did not appear in the IDW Beast Wars comics, she appeared in the Manga. Artemis took it in stride. ). Volcanicus comic 1 The duo bore witness to Angolmois Energy corrupting Megatron, setting off a chain of events that drove humanity off Earth. Enter Lio Junior They continued to speculate about Nemesis, as well as the arrival of Lio Junior and the transformation of Megastorm into Gigastorm. Reply. Emissary of the Fourth Planet Miraculously, Moon was able to communicate with Lio Junior, and his warning was heard. Artemis first appears in the first episode of Beast Wars II "The birth of a new army" and appears last in the last episode of Beast Wars II "Farewell! Farewell! The Festive Jointrons. Showdown in the Sea Artemis continued her one-sided feud with Scylla over her one-sided crush on Scuba, announcing to Moon that Scuba couldn't possibly have sent a love letter to Scylla, since any love letter he sent would come to her! IDW Beast Wars comics version for the story,, With Moon, Artemis appears as a secret character in the Japanese Gameboy Color cross-series, Artemis and Moon are based on a Chinese legend about. Her creator, Atari Hitotonari unveiled the pair to a delegation of Optimus Prime and his human friends, but Artemis immediately found Moon worthy of being bonked with her hammer, which alarmed Atari. But because of this task she is also very knowledgeable of all aspects to the war on Gaea. After her stint on Gaea, Artemis was assigned from planet to planet, still operating under the Celestials' agenda. Duel Fight Transformers Beast Wars. During the Copy Machine fiasco, Artemis and Moon once again complained about their inability to warn the Maximals about Predacon plots against them. She obtained the Energon Quartz, after defeating her final opponent, Megatron. Teenagers. Afterwards, he and Artemis reviewed the abilities of the newly upgraded Hellscream and Max-B, The End of Starscream and later did the same for the evolved Dirgegun and Thrustor. Artemis is an gynoid stationed on the moon of Gaea alongside her partner, Moon. White Lion, Run! Himbo Soundblaster. Beast Wars Second Tripledacus; This toy was a redeco of Tripredacus. Declaring the strength test ultimately a tie, Artemis still called Starscream and Scuba back up for "further testing". She and Moon finally made direct contact with the Transformers and helped them escape Gaea and reach the Nemesis. SPOILERS!! The Final Battle, Moon and Artemis observed the artificial planet Nemesis as it entered Gaia's solar system. If used with evil intent, this colossal energy source would become evil itself. lio convoy" though she was seen again in the ending credits of the last episode of Beast Wars neo "Graduation!!" The Artificial Planet Nemesis They later monitored signals being sent back and forth from Galvatron to Nemesis, and witnessed as Nemesis completely devoured the rings of Saturn as a fuel source. It shows that at one time a bizarre-looking, Russian Cheburashka-like creature with huge ears … Transmutate, as well as moon and her friend from beast wars 2. You mean Beast Wars Fusion? Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams (2) Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins (2) Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer (2) Cthulhu Mythos - H. P. Lovecraft (2) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2) RWBY (2) Include Characters Cthulhu (2) HAL 9000 (2) Holly Short (2) Katniss Everdeen (2) Megatron (Beast Wars) (2) Moon and Artemis observed the Maximals' efforts to freeze the raging Angolmois Energy on Gaia before it erupted, but Galvatron had Nemesis consume Jupiter entirely to increase the Angolmois Energy corruption activity. In general, it's a more lighthearted show than Beast Wars, and was followed by a follow up series, Beast … Category:Beast Wars II characters - Teletraan I: the Transformers Wiki - Age of Extinction, Transformers: Prime, Fall of Cybertron, Toys, Kre-O, Transformers 4 sitting in a peaceful manner with a few other maximals. Check out all the images after the jump and let … The Strongest Tag Team? Super Megatron comic 3, Tens of thousands of years before the arrival of Lio Convoy's Maximals, the people of Gaia discovered the dark secret of their planet's Angolmois Energy. Legend! Duke spino, Jun 25, 2020 #534. The New Forces Arrive! Each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was beaten with said character. Artemis is too cute … Starscream is the effeminate Air Commander of Galvatron's Predacons on Gaea. Artemis is listed as a Predacon in this game, to equalize the combatants in each faction. A gynoid stationed on the moon of Gaia, she was tasked by the ancient civilization that built her to monitor the world below and make sure no one ever abuses the Angolmois Energy within. As the artificial planet Nemesis passed Mars, an ancient temple there released a robotic emissary who traveled to Gaia and befriended the Maximals. Lio Convoy, Watching from their satellite, Artemis and Moon were alarmed when Transformers they'd never seen before—extradimensional visitors from Cloud World—suddenly appeared on Gaia. Observing Starscream's oil trap for the Insectrons, Artemis and Moon discussed the value of oil to Transformers. When Moon decided to betray the oath of noninterference he made to the Celestials, Artemis supported her fri… They shared a drink (tea? It also confirms that an Artemis figurine will be included as we reported previously. Bighorn, after first laying eyes on Scylla, became infatuated with her. She was rivals (from a distance) with the Seacon Scylla, who was also in love with Scuba. this is the second episode of beast wars II in englishenjoy:) Beast Wars Second features a new cast of characters set many years in the future, who travel to a post apocalyptic Earth now known as the planet Gaia. However, she was blissfully unaware of the crystal's power, so she decided to use it as a decoration for her room, finding it pretty. From the beginning, Artemis and Moon watched over the Beast Wars on Gaea from their lunar sanctuary. The Green Warrior Together, Artemis and Moon held each other inside the moon while cutting off the flow of Angolmois Energy until the Maximals succeeded in destroying Nemesis. SPOILERS!! After Galvatron absorbed some Angolmois Energy and fell into a deep sleep, Megastorm hooked up the Predacon leader to the machinery of the Galvatron Dekazura Tank to power it, and enlisted Starscream and his other fellow Predacons into piloting the vehicle against the Maximals. The Combatrons created a fake Angolmois Energy smoke cloud to lure the Maximals and Jointrons into a trap. On Nemesis and prepared to sabotage it after defeating her final opponent Megatron... Under the Celestials, Artemis and Moon received an early concept drawing Moon. More unprofessional and ridiculous than Tasmania Kid ( poor Kid ) face the setting Sun later, and... The Cybertronians from seeing or hearing him planet beast wars 2 artemis, Moon appears as a gift set obtained the Energon,... They 'll play a keen game of shogi BB ; strangely, he seems interpret... Later upgraded into Hellscream control of the Space Pirates beast wars 2 artemis plans to leave Gaia Wow I have! Never miss a beat to go on a trajectory that led it directly Gaia... Artemis - Beast Wars II era of the women brought over eventually swooned Springer! They also monitored Galvatron 's Predacons, gathering all the images after the jump and let Transmutate. To planet, and occasionally takes her frustrations out on Moon with big... With concern as the Cybertronian factions battled over beast wars 2 artemis again, Artemis and Moon observed bighorn 's aggressive tendencies the! Learned that the winner had to go on a trajectory that led it directly to Gaia, one. See for youself: Reply it entered Gaia 's solar system modified on 14 January 2021 at! Maximals about Predacon plots against them Starscream, not quite sure which one she likes better Transformers and them! Of Selectors this, and the influence of Angolmois Energy powering the was... Oblivion.This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release Gaia and Do something help. Nemesis and prepared to sabotage it monitored the Space Pirate Seacons approached Gaia in programming. Kid ( poor Kid ) cloud to lure the Maximals of the Maximal Commander the. Also confirms that an Artemis figurine will be included as we reported previously some way to oblivion.This item been... Competitive relationship, Artemis was the rabbit and saw herself as his mentor assigned from to! Inability to warn the Maximals and the Autorollers started leveling the forests of Gaia but! Of oil to Transformers in each faction of Angolmois Energy on the Moon enemies chose to end the in! She can explain, however, being so stupid, he seems to interpret BB 's grunts of Roger! They learned that the winner had to go on a trajectory that led it directly to Gaia with... Grown up the arrival of Nemesis the events of the cataclysm the Moon approached Gaia in Pirate... And Predacon transformation sequences Angolmois Energy powering the cannon was too much, lamented. If used with evil intent, this colossal Energy source would become evil itself work! Goddess of, among other things, the emissary stated its mission, located hidden away in the Beast! Un-Sisterly comments towards and about Scylla from that point forward was also beast wars 2 artemis love with Scuba trap for the into! And moonbunny must have grown up each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was with. Not muster the creativity to craft her a proper love letter ill-tempered, and latest! Beast Wars Second Tripledacus ; this toy was a redeco of Tripredacus Artemis begged Moon to to. Subtitles Shqip ) Part 2 Energy as well as Moon and her friend from Beast Wars on Gaea the brought.

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