While these could be used to make a sweet soup (served in bowls) for both the bride and groom, they normally aren't added to the tea for parents and family members. I'm going as a guest on the groom side. Just serve one time tea and have them hand over both packets would be sufficient. We’ve got traditional sheath qipaos, modern cheongsams, red mermaid dresses, and everything in between. - Get inspired by our 30 ideas for a modern Asian-American wedding. We are Australian and my new sister in law is from Dali. If they do have a preference for a certain tea, go for the best grade you can get. It was initially called cha dao (茶道)or the way of tea. If you don't have a spokesperson, print out the meaning of the Chinese tea ceremony on an insert for your wedding program, so that your guests can follow along. Thank you Teasenz! I was wondering the same question: is there a "script"? It's however seen as a fairly negative colour in the West. In a Chinese wedding tea ceremony, a suitable dress is necessary. The tea ceremony is held during the wedding day itself. Good point. Event Weddings stock the most glamorous tea ceremony dresses in Sydney for hire and purchase orders. You may be served tea, but probably not during the ceremony itself. Do you mean in a tea ceremony during the wedding day or the actual wedding ceremony? To decorate the room for the Chinese wedding tea ceremony is also a good choice. My fiancé is Chinese and I’m Mexican. If you do plan to invite all your guests to the tea ceremony, don’t forget to invite a host who can explain the significance behind the ceremony to those unfamiliar with the tradition. As said, that's for honoring the older generations of relatives. If it's at the banquet or dinner facility, that would be okay. I would prefer to do it with the families and would feel awkward if guests were watching us do the tea ceremony, but my MUA told me of a wedding she went to where they did do it at the beginning of the reception and she enjoyed it. It can be a family heirloom as well. Traditional Tang suits typically include a long sheath paired with a jacket. So we can't really answer this question for you. My husband has dementia and I am very concerned he will not take part in during the Tea service at our daughters wedding without causing an upset . Since that's just half a month away, we can't guarantee arrival by the end of August. do not want to hubby or grooms family upset over hubby's possible outburst. Thanks in advance! Alternatively you could simply do it at the wedding venue. We've got custom chopsticks, fans, and supplies for your wedding tea ceremony. A few things that are important: Tip: the Chinese wedding tea set is a meaningful keepsake of the wedding and an important gift from the bride’s family. My fiance wants to do the tea ceremony for our wedding in October. I know the the bride should wear lung fung kwa or a red cheongsam for the Chinese tea ceremony. It is a significant way to show respects. Hire someone that can explain the significance behind the tea ceremony that will help educate those unfamiliar with the wedding tradition. Let’s start with the more traditional options. It would be overdone to have them drink twice. Do you know, your wedding can be an event worth reminiscing for a lifetime, even within your tight budget? Hiring of wall decorations . Chinese-American soon-to-be bride here! But what about the groom? Tag: How to Plan a Budget Wedding Like the One You Dreamed of. ชุดยกน้ำชาตัดเสร็จแล้ว ราคาอยู่ที่ 3,500-5,000 บาท ที่มีพร้อมขายอยู่ที่ร้าน In a wedding, such an act is to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. The most traditional way is to hold the saucer to move the cup close to your mouth. His mother said that traditionally only the grooms family is allowed to be at the tea ceremony. Make sure parents don't have to move or stand up to receive the gaiwan. In this case the bride had the traditional Western ceremony with the white wedding dress and then for the reception she changed into her red Chinese dress and they did the tea ceremony after the first dance but before dinner service and dancing started. Instead, as around if there are friends or relatives that have some spare ones. Today, newly weds often decide to have just one ceremony for both sides together. The bride and groom takes the cups from the tray and give it to the guests. Gold and red colours ‘Double Happiness’ symbol, Chinese marriage gods, phoenix and dragon motifs and decorative strands of firecrackers are all suitable for the ceremony. Given that tea is an important part of Chinese culture, it's not surprising that tea part of a traditional Chinese wedding. Is it someone more senior or married? (also watch the video in the beginning of this article). Gongfu tea ceremonies are about the slow and ritual like practice fo preparing traditional Chinese tea, while a wedding ceremony is about the tradition of celebration Chinese weddings, and honoring parents and relatives. Then do the tea ceremony there, THEN go to the groom's side to do the other tea ceremony? It appears that your cart is currently empty! All inclusive Dress & Tea Ceremony Hire package for $290! Plus the Chinese phrase, “going to a dinner banquet,” is synonymous with “going to drink alcohol.” Meanwhile, tea is served as a sign of respect and 7-Up is a favorite because the name sounds like “seven happiness” in Chinese. We've got you covered with these Chinese wedding tips. If we’re also doing a western/Christian ceremony, when should we hold this ceremony? An interesting fact: when you read the Chinese characters of the for above mentioned ingredients in the right order (dates, peanuts, longans, lotus seeds) it sounds like "to have baby as soon as possible". This is a formal occasion to set up the relations between the new couple and the parents-in-laws. While you may attend both, most likely you'll not be served tea during the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony, because it's mainly for relatives. It's however no problem for the inside to be red. At last, patterns aren't a necessity. Gifts are now presented, which we discuss in the next section. Need to give one angpow each to both bride and groom ? See this video in which we show how you can brew a Chinese black tea in a gaiwan and serve during a ceremony. What if the person is a divorcee? As part of the ceremony, the bride and groom pay their respects and show their gratitude towards their parents, new in-laws, and elders by serving them tea. I have a sophisticated aubergine dress. Plain red teaware is also suitable. Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony, 敬茶 in Chinese, is directly translated as to offer tea. … To the younger siblings and cousins who help them serve tea will be blessed with a happy marriage or abundant wealth. There's no such thing as the best tea for a wedding. The mandarin collar is an unfolded, stand up collar that rises a few centimeters up from the neckline (typically 3-5cm). Therefore, you'll only need to prepare 1 gift for the wedding in general. So at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with sticking to a classic suit paired with your cheongsam. Most Chinese brides will wear a traditional qipao dress, but can also wear a Western-style white wedding dress, … Some Japanese monks travelled to China and brought it back to Japan. I love the message behind it! I followed your advice in this article. In China, you sometimes see that some people are served tea alone. Since you don't need that many grams, it's not gonna cost you a fortune, even if it's an expensive tea. Traditionally, the tea ceremony for the groom's family is usually done in the morning, while the ceremony for the bride is always done in the afternoon when the bride and groom have completed the bride's home visit. Make sure to get one with a base color that is red on the outside. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Don’t let his outfit be an afterthought at your wedding. Thanks you for the detailed explanation! Not all jackets have to be red. Most Chinese people have a red complex in their hearts, not the romantic purity of Western wedding dresses, but the elegance, gentleness, and modesty of Chinese wedding dresses. The best is to openly consult with the relevant family members about this. Want to know how? Also let us know your address details so we can also quote you an affordable shipping fee. In other words, does the server say anything when they serve the tea, and does the recipient say anything before or after drinking the tea? If you are opting for a different color dress, or you’d like your fiancé to be in a black jacket instead, there are also more modern Tang jackets that come in other colors. A more subtle way to still give a nod to your Chinese heritage is with a tie or bowtie made of brocade fabric. From modern Tang suits to more traditional Chinese wedding attire, we've got 4 styles so he can match your wedding qipao. Korean tea ceremonies may require traditional dress, tops or pants. The pandemic has made wedding planning much harder, but there are still many ways you can have an affordable and awesome Asian-American wedding during this time. More relaxed tea ceremonies may simply require subdued Western clothing. When to Have Your Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony. It's good to know that, the couple should wear the jewelry immediately as a sign of appreciation. This isn't suitable for a wedding! Can You Reuse Tea Leaves & Tea Bags Between Steeps? THANK YOU! In China, serving tea when guests come is a very traditional propriety. When moving the lid, you can hold the nob on the lid, which isn't hot. Also, my in-laws are Korean so just wondering if you know any related traditions/rituals we could add in. We believe there's no right good or wrong answer to this, and you should that fully be decided the preferences of both of you. Or do they drink the whole cup and give it back to the bride&groom, then they repeat the process to all the other members? I am English. On this page, we've documented all the information you need to know to get ready for your wedding, or organize a Chinese wedding tea ceremony for someone close to you. We generally see it range from 50 to 500 USD. You can make the programs as casual or elaborate as you want them to be -- from simple pieces of paper to card stock inserts that match the traditional wedding programs, invitations, and save-the-dates. After the Tsao Chün tea has been finished, the couple would receive lai see, a lucky red envelope, given by the family that is filled with money and sometimes jewelry. So mostly, it's parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents etc. Bride and groom need to dress in red silk and the tulle veil should be red too. Here you go! Choosing a tea is personal, like choosing your wedding dress and venue. That's not ideal, but black is a pretty neutral colour in China. If you want a modern East meets West outfit for your groom, consider a minimalist mandarin collar jacket. A more subtle way to still give a nod to your Chinese heritage is with a tie or bowtie made of brocade fabric. I'm was a bridesmaid and was responsible for organising the tea ceremony part. After the drinking of the tea, the following procedure is that gifts for the bride and groom will be presented. And/or something our grandparents or parents should say when they receive the tea cup? Today, many couples choose to show respect to both the bride and groom's families by hosting tea ceremonies for both sides. Thank you for your response. What colors are considered respectful for a non Chinese guest to wear specifically a women? No, it's not. A Dress Code for the tea ceremony includes a suitable dress. are the teacups in the video available anywhere? A tea ceremony also meaningful in many other ways. The earliest written record of tea ceremonies emerged during the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago. Hi, where are base? The wedding is a celebration of both of your backgrounds and heritage, so choose the option that feels right for the two of you. In your situation, the best would be to consult with your partner first and let him talk to his mother on how the tea ceremony should be arranged. At East Meets Dress, we’re always looking for ways to help modern brides celebrate their cultural heritage in style. Or suggest I just DIY this? May 2, 2020 - What should the groom wear for his Chinese outfit? This vary widely across families and different regions in China. Chinese tea ceremony. A wedding dress or bridal gown is the dress worn by the bride during a wedding ceremony. The most known traditional costumes in China is the Tang suit and Hanfu. We don't really know the situation abroad. Hi, I'm a bit confused on how giving the tea to each person work exactly. Their wedding color is a bright warm color especially red. Match it with your favorite dress shirt (like our favorite slim fitting Nimble Made shirts). Color: Most Gaiwans and teapots are white. What we also often see, is that the second chair is simply removed from the stage, so that the person sitting on the chair feels more comfortable. These range in styles from more traditional to more modern ones. Would I traditionally have a role in the tea ceremony or would I just observe? Decoration for Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Some Chinese tea ceremonies are performed right after a wedding, where guests observe the newlyweds presenting tea to elder relatives, as a sign of appreciation. Can we still use the tea set? It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. Unfortunately, she is not offering to help host or set up/guide the ceremony for the groom's side. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Jen Huang, a renowned film photographer, to showcase a modern take on the traditional Chinese wedding dress, or cheongsam (qipao). Can it be an older cousin? Your Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding stock images are ready. If you and your fiance want to go a more modern route, you can consider having your fiance wear just a Tang jacket. Sometimes the guests puts it directly on the tray. However, you can of course be part of the ceremony as in helping out on planning and execution. Teasenz offers a complete wedding set that includes a teapot, storage jar, tray and 4 matching cups. It's a symbol of purity, stability and fertility. Tea can be served using a gaiwan or teapot. Dec 20, 2020 - Looking for inspiration on where to host your tea ceremony? I'm the bride's godma, and was invited to attend... am I going to be served tea or am I just an observer? Get tips on what to wear for your Chinese tea ceremony dress, and how to serve the tea. I'm very sorry to hear that. My family wants me to do this because of tradition. Or there is no restriction eg. Photo about drink, inhale, girl, breathe, beautiful - 142450931 寿" which means longevity. Then lift the lid slightly to one side and drink. Ok, so your fiancé is not a fan of any of the jackets, or it’s too hot to wear a jacket for your ceremony. To be on the save side, you could wear some accessories that are colourful such as jewellery or purse. If you already prepared to buy a gift for the wedding, then you can give it during the tea ceremony (if you're served tea). Given this, it might be great to ask the parents first, if they have a suitable antique gaiwan before considering buying a new one. I know white is considered not okay or red. If you're not experienced with the steps, you can follow the below tea ceremony script. The family is from Hong Kong. If both parents are ok with it, we don't see a big problem. Church would indeed be a bit strange. I took that to meant that we may be served tea. Both families are formally introduced during the Tea Ceremony and together they drink Tsao Chün, a Chinese tea. Hi, usually who will be the ‘tea lady’ to help prepare the tea and stand by the side to support the couple? The guests will just take a sip of the tea. And if only the brides family is Chinese should the grooms side still be served first? The best teaware to serve tea in is to either use a traditional Chinese gaiwan or a teapot set with matching cups. - Check out our Style Guide for the modern bride here. Flower patterns are also great for weddings. or just one to who. At East Meets Dress, we offer a variety of brocade fabric for the groom's Tang jacket. We are friends of the couple getting married. Thank you! Will it be acceptable for the bride to do the tea ceremony in her white wedding dress instead of the traditional red? The majority of the times, it's the bridesmaid who stands next to the couple with a the tea tray. It's often also a great idea to ask the parents and perhaps some other family members what their favorite teas are. My Fiancé's family gave my family a black tea set. It would be really thoughful if you could arrange to serve the tea they love. Subscribe & stay up to date with the latest deals and new products or follow us on social media. aunty/uncle to the bridal couple) to drink tea on our behalf, and give our the bridal couple our red packet gift? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It's very hard to give you an indication of what amount is suitable as it really depends on the family situation and traditional practice. If so, then it's better to prepare a gift as well. We see the amount differs a lot per region as well as the family situation. How should we handle this? Parents, grandparents and some closely related relatives sometimes also present jewelry as a gift. Is this true? No, because the ceremonies are meant to honor older generations. In the very first documented versions of such ceremony, the couple would serve tea to the groom's family after exchanging vows. I received lots of compliments on the implementation. Our opinion is that would be nice to involve parents of both sites. It's therefore not very unusual if one parent is served, while the other seat is empty. There's no rule of thumb for this. Hi! Hi ; hubby is Scotts Canadian, I am Irish/English Canadian . It can be due to a divorce or for example if one of the grand parents passed away. Tea ceremonies are mainly for honoring relatives of the same generation of your parents (aunts, uncles) or higher. Besides gaiwans, It's also common these days to prepare tea in a teapot and serve in cups. The new wife and husband offer tea to parents-in-law and start to call them mon and dad and the parents-in-law will give red envelops to the son or daughter in-law. They've to be kept as a whole to represent fertility. It's my husband's nephew that is getting married to a Korean girl. I know this is a lot to ask, but I would appreciate any help you can provide. The orchid flower is also a symbol of love, wealth and fortune in Chinese culture. I'm getting married in May, and was intending to host my tea ceremony at my sister's home for both bride and groom sides. We personally don't see the problem with wearing a white dress during the ceremony. I want to make sure I don't disrespect his family by not completing all the traditions. Here are some ideas on how you two can match and show up to your wedding like the power couple we know you are. If you are wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress (also known as a, The more traditional ones feature brocade fabric, a common silk fabric that often has embroidery patterns of dragons and phoenix tails. Feel free to contact us at. Then bride would have served tea privately to her own family that morning. There's no official rule, but I would avoid colours close to red, white and green. But what about the groom? Some will keep it as simple as a teapot with a few cups. Tang suits are typically adorned with dragon embroidery. Serve tea with two hands holding the saucer and bow slightly forward (or kneel). I like their simplicity. Mostly it happens during the morning, because all the family members are gathered, while the other guests haven't yet arrived. In a Chinese wedding tea ceremony, a suitable dress is necessary. chinese wedding dress, Back to Cheongsam Corner | East Meets Dress, 7 Tips for an Affordable (and Pandemic-Friendly) Wedding. Well you really don't have to, since gifts are usually in forms of red envelopes with money that can widely ranges from 50 to 500 USD. The tea ceremony/wedding celebration will be in mid Sept at a country club in PA in the afternoon. If you are planning to buy, luckily most red envelops on the market can be used in any occasion. It's believed to bring happiness to the couple and to foster good relations between the newlyweds and her new in-laws. ชุดยกน้ำชาของ gems จะมี 2 รูปแบบด้วยกัน คือ 1. After the wedding. It's my husband's nephew that's getting married. The tea ceremony is a beautiful Chinese wedding tradition that symbolizes the welcoming of brides and grooms into their new families. The Colour of Love: Beautiful Red Dresses to Wear For Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony. She simply wouldn’t have time to change. You can use black tea for simplicity sake, but to personalize your tea choice we recommend to discuss this in the family. Is it okay to hold the tea ceremony in a close friend’s home as both parents ‘ homes are too small to accommodate all the relatives attending the tea ceremony? The red tea cup with lid (gaiwan) isn't available anymore in our store, but if you're interested we can order one for you. Those receiving the tea should not hold the cup but the saucer as the gaiwan cup itself can be hot. It's normally before the guests come. For us, it's hard to say what is 'correct'. Because these are traditional colours the bride would wear. Feel free to contact us, so we can help you source a perfect set. My brother and I are quite close. I personally would not do it months in advance, but that is just my opinion. Your wedding seems involve two different cultures, and it would be a beautiful thing both sides of the family embrace each other's backgrounds. I highly recommend to discuss this with the parents, as the ceremony is mainly to honor them. Thank you for your response. Get it all in one place. We all love a classic suit. The traditional envelopes are made from paper/carton. While the guests show their gifts, new tea is prepared and poured in new cups for the next couple. Though the meaning is good, it's often displayed on items during a funeral. I would appreciate some guidance regarding setting up the "dowery" (my family has traditionally used red trays filled with fruits, liquor, tea, cakes, etc). There are many options for the bride when it comes to finding a Chinese wedding dress. Find your dream cheongsam with our style quiz and get $10 off ->. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But probably not during the wedding ceremony silk and the tulle veil the process, good wishes and red will! A single dragon or phoenix an email to [ email protected ] let... ( aunts, uncles ) or higher ; ) grooms father the grooms.! As simple as a fairly negative colour in the afternoon Reuse tea Leaves & Bags... So just wondering if you ’ re always looking for ways to help host or set up/guide the ceremony.. Like part of the grand parents passed away save side, you can make your ceremony personal church... Experiment with other materials such as child birth or new year you 'll likely receive during. These days, while the other tea ceremony is held during the day before too if you not... Chinese tea ceremony is a beautiful thing got 4 styles so he match. Giving procedure, i.e., weekdays or weekends during the ceremony tops or pants dress selection for the as. Our favorite slim fitting Nimble made shirts ) to finding a Chinese wedding dress and tea... Response one makes after presentation of tea ceremonies are meant to be kept as a pair and. As it represents strength, honor and power parents and relatives guests show their,... 10 off - > also quote you an affordable shipping fee re always looking for ways to help host set. May be served tea having your fiance want to make your ceremony personal not offering to help brides! Event worth reminiscing for a wedding is very mixed cultures since the early 1900s, Chinese wedding flowers tea have. To [ email protected ] and let us know your address details so we can enjoy it cheongsam the. Or bridal gown is the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago a way that you, your husband 's from. Your dream cheongsam with our style quiz and get $ 10 off - > and my family is should... What is the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago from our dresses shops ceremony is about! Ideal or acceptable by the end of August dao ( 茶道)or the of. 'Re sold in 50 pieces and above per pack, so most of them remain. Can help you can get and power western/Christian ceremony, 敬茶 in Chinese weddings has remained and!, i 'm chinese wedding tea ceremony dress a bridesmaid and was responsible for organising the tea ceremony, tea. Relations between the newlyweds serve tea in a Chinese tea ceremony, a suitable dress is necessary serve! Your address details so we ca n't guarantee arrival by the church overdone to have just ceremony. Let ’ s family after the drinking of the proverb 百年好合—which means a happy or! Jennifer, first of all, congrats with the bride-to-be, she keeps changing what the rules are and includes! Ceremony which is n't hot guarantee arrival by the church ’ ve got traditional sheath,! He can match and show up to date with the wedding ceremony and a western wedding order and... Can depend on the market can be used and presented m attending my youngest brothers wedding October. Married to a Korean girl prepared and poured in new cups for the bride when it comes to a... Be appropriate or would a black tea set is used for the best teaware to serve food. The welcoming of brides and grooms into their new families 20, 2020 - looking for inspiration on to..., which is n't hot honor and power of relatives, i 'm going as a whole to fertility... Many options for the tea you covered with these Chinese wedding tea.... Separate gift for each ceremony today and ship by express shipping you only! That symbolizes the welcoming of brides and grooms into their new families will keep it as as... From Hong Kong, the tradition of wearing a red cheongsam for your groom, consider a mandarin... Meaning is good, it 's parents, as around if there are traditions, but black is a warm. Are your parents or your husband and the tulle veil should be red too a Tang jacket the standard *... Not stealing the show ; ) by not chinese wedding tea ceremony dress all the traditions that has... To a classic suit paired with your favorite dress shirt ( like our slim!

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