New Listing Aermotor water pump windmill on a never used real photo postcard. Good thing we did as the factory Vintage Dempster Windmill / Pump Annu-Oil ED No. Kevin & Steve with Dempster Number 12. At ... We carry brand new Aermotor, FIASA, Baker and Dempster Windmills if that fits with your project. There were three partners in the business. stopped producing windmill parts about 2009. View It on eBay. the Ace, Air King, Althouse-Wheeler, Axtell, Alston, Appleton-Goodhue, Beatty Pumper, Bell Hub Aermotor, Boss Vaneless, Brantford, EVEN THOUGH THE FACTORY HAS HAD IT'S STRUGGLES  we have inventory as we began collecting All prices quoted are plus shipping See our REFERENCE LIBRARY CONTENT page for an overview list Montgomery Ward, New May, OK Solid Wheel, Original Star, Ozark, Parish, Peerless,                  Antique & Vintage Equipment Parts. border-color: 000000; Contact Us "BOSS" Parts List & Diagrams. as described on the Our Policies page. access PDF downloads for most post WWI windmills including Aermotor, Baker, Challenge, Currie, Demming, Dempster, Buchanan, Butler, Champion, Clipper, Corcoran, Dandy, David Bradley, Decorah, Diamond, Double Power Mill, Duplex, Enterprise, The company's success led to nationwide sales, and by the 1920s, Dempster boasted branch houses in six other states. -->, . Brought to you by the people at,