They will help to handpick your preferred combination of ingredients and serve up some fry to order mala guo with an addictive numbing and spicy flavour. So the Mala Xiang Guo Burger has made its debut, available as a set with fries at $16.80 (No, I don’t earn commission from it. This was a signature dish and our favourite dish. Perfect to create your own bowl with a myriad of tantalising combinations to choose from. Ingredients. Ingredients. Recipes. Ma La Xiang Guo at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre Expect to face long queues because this cheap and tasty place in Bedok Interchange is loved by many. broccoli florets, baby corn (cut to shorter sections), enoki mushrooms (ends trimmed), lotus root (see below), shiitake mushroom caps (sliced thinly) Ah, mala – the ultimate sharing dish to test you and your friends’ spice tolerance. Skip to content. La cuisine chinoise est appréciée par tout le monde. Mala, meaning numb and spicy in Chinese, is typically found in the form of Mala Xiang Guo. Seafood Mala Xiang Guo. Browse our category and find out more. Diners can then dial up their spicy preference to their individual taste with the choice of either non-spicy, little spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy bowls to feast from. Seafood Mala Xiang Guo . Musou, a stir-fried, dry pot restaurant now joins the retinue of other EFC brands including Gotcha Fresh Bubble Tea, JiYu Thai Hot Pot and Da Long Yi. Choose your preferred level of spiciness! The spiciness level will be customisable. Mala Xiang Guo? Which bring you the inner chewy texture and indulged your tastebud from tip to back. … However, be careful … Xiao Man Niu Mala Xiang Guo In Singapore, Xiao Man Niu Mala Xiang Guo (Paya Lebar) is one of the most renowned restaurants. Foodpanda - Local Food Delivery. We went for medium spicy which was still welcoming heat. Serving 4 pax. We wanted the signature and most representative ingredients of Mala Xiang Guo to go right inside the burger. Ingredients Cook 3 stalks celery, cut into chunks; 150 g oyster mushrooms; 2 bean curd stick, soaked and cut into sections ; 350 g lotus root, sliced thinly; 200 g sliced lean pork or pork belly; 150 g cabbage, sliced; 30 g black fungus, … Dry pot (gan guo or mala xiang guo) is exactly what it sounds like—the dry version of hot pot. Drain off all the water from … Ma La Xiang Guo at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. For Frank from Ju Fu Mala Kitchen at Food Republic (Shaw Theatres Lido), this manifests in being particular with his seven herbs that are used to make his sauce, although most of these are secret. Our latest products are Potato Ball, Pop Corn Chicken, Premium Quality Fish Fillet. Ranging from fries, chicken nugget, beef ball, chicken burger patty, beef burger patty, cheese sausage, chicken ball and many more. It takes the flavorings and ingredients of mala Sichuan hot pot and subtracts the oily broth, so all that’s left is your meats, your veggies, your spices and just enough sauce to moisten it all. For those who are not familiar with the jargon, this is the soup mala hotpot also know as mala tang. As Musou chefs work quickly, ensuring that the as much of the wok’s surface area is in contact at all times with intense heat. The venues are therefore offering TWO time honoured methods of cooking, stir-fry dry pot (including customised special fried rice) and traditional hot pot under the one roof. We’ll admit — nothing beats a spicy, punchy and aromatic bowl of mala xiang guo on a cold, rainy afternoon. Never the less, we have more than 60 varieties of Hotpot and BBQ products for you and your family to enjoy. Or upstairs to JiYu for delicious, creamy Thai-style hot pot with an array of fresh seafood and creamy coconut or Tom yum style broths. I was the first to raise, ”Must have luncheon meat”, while we also thought that sliced pork, lotus root and mushrooms cannot be missed. Once its hot, add in the sliced garlic and minced... Raise the heat to a medium-high heat. Well we have something for you that could never be miss in every hotpot gathering. Diners can then dial up their spicy preference to their individual taste with the choice of either non-spicy, little spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy bowls to feast from. The name comes from the Chinese character 麻辣for numbing (ma) and spicy (la). Ingredients. Try it today and you will never forget the taste of it. Mala Xiang Guo (麻辣香锅) is a Chinese dish native to Sichuan cuisine. You can always adjust the level of Mala to your preference be it 大辣 or 小辣 and also customise your own combination of ingredients. What is required: Servings: about 3-4 adults. Musou celebrates the ancient culinary art of ‘chao’ or stir-frying. Over medium high fire, cook sliced pork, when its almost cooked, mix lotus roots, celery, cabbage, beancurd stick, oyster mushrooms, black fungus, quickly fry for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy for your delicious Mala Xiang Guo prepared by MOOF! In fact, it really flavourful and savoury, depending on the raw ingredients that you add into it. However, despite its popularity, we know little about who invented the MLXG or how it came to Singapore.

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